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  1. Increase the availability of 3v3. Only happening at 6-9 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday is terrible.
  2. Reason: lack of enthusiasm Evidence: look at your quality of events
  3. That ugly outfit dries me to desert
  4. SJ

    symex big fan

    Just want to say symex you are so good! Although you lose, you play the best. Big fan.
  5. This year, prize has dropped dramatically, 4 times less compared to last year. As PVEer, I would like to support the players and please set another donation-like event like last year to increase the prize pool!!!
  6. am I the only one think the originals look better?
  7. Ok, let me help you for the last time. Look at the picture below. http:// Korea has the option to BUY the costumes. Do you think, all these dungeons are not solo-able? Why do they not find several people together in the fraction channel to farm together? Dungeon are solo-able doesn't mean the costume will drop! OMG. How can you stand there and suggest people to farm the outfit that doesn't have a chance to drop??? And you seem to be very pleased with your statements? "Do I need to continue?", LOL, really?
  8. The drop rate is close to zero, if you find only 6 ppl as a team to keep farming. Compared to the old days, you probably have 600 ppl doing the same thing that at least give you some hope to get the outfit. Those trolling guys above saying its easier to farm now, LOL!! YOU need to learn to stop trolling. You are welcome.
  9. what does the boss give you? what is the reward?
  10. AHAHAHAHA all I want to do is to laugh at their amazing BLACK FRIDAY SALE!
  11. they are now deranking due to zero game at high rank. They want to play, they have to derank. All you listed are true, and is because of the very low total number of people in the arena
  12. I think someone pointed out the reason. The rewards are based on the ranking, which discharages the majority of players from playing PVP. Besides ranking, other rewards should be added to total wins, e.g. 100 wins in 1v1 or 100 wins in 3v3. Even if you end up with silver in the end of the season. You can get good rewards. For me, to win 100 times is almost equal to playing 300 matches, people will find PVP interesting after large participation. Finally, 3V3 now has nobody queuing around 1600 rank, 30 mins, 40 mins wait, nobody, especially between 11pm - 11am. This is u
  13. For a new player who purchased the bundle now has no where to spend, without hongmoon skills it is almost impossible to reach gold nowadays. -- any staff try this he will know what needs to be done. So, what's the point putting a gold barrier? And the cost actually increases.. Some of the staffs need new jobs, like ..what manager, what producer.. or who in charge with those great ideas. KR, TW, JP system is not in this way. Its NC's new idea.
  14. Simply look at offal of slience and darkness! Amazing job by the team. Love moving backwards.
  15. LoL, what's wrong with that? why can't talk religious? You know what, BNS in other regions all have ingame voice chat only not in EU/NA, because ppl like you who can't talk this, can't accept that, can't be abused, can't live with anything that don't want to hear, and who report regurally for nothing. DEVAs
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