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  1. enemy NPC's can still ground grapple you! That's truly unfair.
  2. It was the most rewarding way to finish off a target. It was UFC style, man. Now it's just... gone. What kills me is that enemies can still ground-grapple me!!!!! That's adding salt to my wound.
  3. Alas, you can only grapple an airborn target. Worst change BnS ever made.
  4. This whole game is designed to make everything competitive, including bidding for dungeon drops. It's a top-secret experiment to see if we can be turned into self-serving trolls.
  5. What do you have on your sub-50 that you can't afford to lose? Perhaps a couple hundred bucks of outfits? Once deleted, you'll be able to re-use the same name. And voila! Insta-50! Spend the money and keep the game afloat.
  6. The survey? hahaha. Like was how was Viridian coast? umm... the HARDEST zone in the game because of all the 5 second wind-ups where I hit counter on my KFM 3 times, and get whammo'ed in between counters because it's impossible to time??? Each successive zone gets easier and easier because they catch up to natural reflex. Every time I select VERY HARD, I'm afraid they will make it "EASIER" by adding more of those horrid 5 second wind-ups. Doh. I do miss the awesome super duper shiny keys. Need a shiny Moonwater key and shiny Silverfrost key. (even though getting to 50 is tota
  7. I hate being forced to do dungeons I really don't want to do just to accomplish dailies. It's like that EVERY day. Why can't they just make it do any dungeon up to lvl 45, any dungeon up to HM2, any dungeon up to HM6, etc...? Is it because the dungeons won't que up due to lack of players? And there is no alternative to getting the daily rewards. No faction thing, no world boss kills, no event participation, etc... Just do these specific dungeons or do this PvP. I hate dungeons and PvP, so I never complete my dailies ever.
  8. You have 4 thumb buttons. One trigger held down and you have 4 more. The other trigger held down, and you have 4 more. That'll take care of all attacks, along with tab, q &e. The two triggers on the other hand can take care of space and shift. And you still have the L-pad to assign stuff to, along with the start and select buttons, which can be augmented with the trigger combo. They just have to make scroll-down menus for non-combat items. I used to play Guild Wars 2 (only because friends played that awful game) with an X-box controller. I had to use a keyboard emula
  9. I think that's how the vast majority of players are. Most are casual players and get confused by the powers changing, and don't want to learn dungeon mechs. Both points are true for me. I just want a simple reflex game. I do agree that the airborn part is not fun and there's probably too much CC's in this game. When I solo PvE, I usually spec out CC's for damage. What's the fun in hitting something that can't hit back? That said, I will never progress gear beyond story arc rewards, because the fun stuff reward almost no xp and absolutely nothing in the way of weapon or soul shield progr
  10. I see two wheels at Grand Harvest Square. One appears to use Poharan's Perfume, and the other is a purplish ball. Can anyone tell me what that purplish ball is, and what the two wheels drop?
  11. could it be ping? I can't do the last BM training quest. I can't even time the first step. I tried every possible time interval at the start just to get the first attack to time correctly but can't. And I have good rythm. And 250ms ping.
  12. Never fails: I look at the path and think ok, 2, 4, or 6 would be good, and I roll... 3 - Cold Storage reset
  13. I'm waiting for the game that starts at max level, has no weapon or armor upgrading, and no dungeon rewards. No trash mobs in dungeons either. Instead, you get rewarded for amount of active time spent grouped with others. You will have free unlimited wardrobe storage, and at launch, literally hundreds of costume pieces will be on sale for 50 American cents each. The reward for actively helping others will count towards being able to buy more costume pieces and accessories. So people will group to do dungeons for the fun of it and not race through it. Oh.
  14. oh wait. just took like 7 to get it ready for the next brekthrough at 6. Hmmm. I swear it took more than 20 to get it from 6 to 10 the last time... (or was it 1 to 10?) derp! But anywho, I'm sure I'll run out of those green elements of Hongmoon at some point. Then what? This anxiety will keep me up at nights... (just kidding)
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