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  1. Comeon guys they want us as a miner for ncsoft.
  2. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    well.Thank you.
  3. Mao Gloves

    One glove in 83 Run.
  4. M'ao Gloves

    Low Glove rates , High Alpha emblem need for neck. Good job poorsoft
  5. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    I am look like noob from there? I know what did I say. if u dont have end game gear u cant understand what I mean. u didnt face by earth sum with same gear I think. And if a bm have good ping kicked ur ass easy. u can ask every fm about our crit rate. its worst in game now. I am playing with % 80 with bb from kfm or sin. And there isnt any potion while taking this picture. I can only add 97 more crit cause 9316 max stat without fallen engraving.
  6. Which game master having a problem with force master? how the dps character has lower dps than kfm , destroyer ,summoner ,bm? starting with nerfed awakened dragonchar and now totally trash dps. we have the lower dps on awakened skill. And we have totally bad dps without soulburn. The other problem against crit rate. its really annoying. And people said force master dps class.
  7. SSP Attack-Def Upgrade of Battle Boss hp

    I am not the only fm there. all fm spam 1 for use inferno. and there is not enough ember stack to all fm. I tried it too.
  8. SSP Attack-Def Upgrade of Battle Boss hp

    1080 ap fm with blue buff and still cant loot. nice one guys