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  1. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I guess enough is enough not gonna miss any of what ncsoft is doing in this game
  2. Ring of Reckoning Rant

    first of all thanks ncsoft for this ridiculous Ring of Reckoning event that many people are just watching max gear people clear it while we can't. Not even 1.1m DPS can clear it even Burning Mausoleum requires at least 2 maxed gear people and the rest on 1.2m+ DPS to clear it why are you making event so not fun this is not how it supposed to be events should be easier to be done my solution is increase the enrage timer on both event bosses so people get a chance to clear it before it enrages let the title time stay the same we don't care for titles we care for event coins that we can't farm
  3. Unbalanced timer achiev Longgui 4

    meanwhile some people can't even clear the stage 4 because of it's enrage timer that's what you call notfair
  4. Ascension Pouch Available Until March 22 for 0 NCoin

    how does this by any mean help me to craft some oils since you guys made our demon stones completely useless now ? so it's either we pay and trove for oils or 11 chars and go no life on events is this your solution I literally can't make oils like I would before the patch but you guys messed us up so you better fix it because this 7 day trash gift is nothing
  5. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    wow just wow never had an idea that you guys can be so much worse than we expected this is really so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up thanks for telling us to hang on to them , white orbs that I could of got many gold for them now just few coppers so much care for your community since this is not the first time you do this kind of things so much disappointment
  6. lucent earring and belt are wanted for breakthrough more than the ring since yeti is now like 2 min solo run unlike necropolis
  7. Yunma fei hair

    hey can you guys please bring back Yunma fei hair in F10 I missed it when it came out before would love to get it if possible :"(
  8. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    i honestly have no words for you NCsoft no WORDS every patch you do this bullshit every time what about all the gold invested in buying the Radiant Energies so i lost 14 gold for each and you tell me to go and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ my self with 10 gold who the hell thought that this is a good idea who because that person should be fired for making whole Blade&Soul community hates you even more