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  1. Hi there, I did some modifications. Please refer to this link for the final version, thank you! https://imgur.com/a/oP7URoo
  2. Character Name: Shaynee Server: Yura Short Description of Your Art: Never did Poharan think of losing her grandpa when Hae Mujin was twisted and corrupted by the Ebondrake's dark chi. It is the real blessing when they hardly reunite after the catastrophe, also a precious moment to bring the memories back to the realm. https://imgur.com/gallery/Mdj6HX5
  3. Character Name: Darc DeeDee Server: Yura Short description of the loading screen: Though the lives were faded, it would be wonderful to see the Hongmoon students went fishing together. https://imgur.com/HlbpZL7
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