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  1. actually yes that's pretty low you should probably gear up or upgrade to reach 1.3 and above AP to be accepted by party's most of the time.
  2. no I'm not Keroppi, but I thought these guides would be helpful for new players. "all rights reserved to Keroppi" for these awesome vids XD
  3. here's aguide that can help, you can skip the first part if you want--->
  4. These are Youtube videos of BnS (CN) By the Youtuber Keroppi, I hope these help XD here's the fire build--> here's the shadow build--->
  5. here's the shadow guide by a youtuber Keroppi----->
  6. Here are some guides that might just help you guys... for the fire build by a Youtuber Keroppi--->
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