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  1. The Radiant Ring gem crafting

    I dont want to craft it, just want to know if it's realy an AP and Def gem or Def and Block gem.
  2. The Radiant Ring gem crafting

    I have a question. So you can get Defense and AP diamond from the pounch? Becouse last time i crafted pounch (EU server start lol) i gave Defense and Block gems.
  3. Anyone ever mention how god awful PVP is?

    Still as how unbalanced the 6v6 is you can still have fun. As a KFM/BM/BD player i don't have high gear. I don't have the vitality to farm 8 hour a day in 1 dungeon for days, so i have a bad gear as a result. But my skills as a PvP player is good enough for me to defend against 4-5 Whale player. Even if i dont have the gear to kil lthem i still ahve the skill to hold them up for minutes and let my team slowly dominate theirs. And here comes the problems from my view-point: Dear Developpers. The pvp in this game is fantastic, but why do you guys force the players who want to enjoy pvp to do pve. What i mean is simple. Whirlind Battleground Key. People who love to play pvp are forced to farm in pve just to get some key that not even drop most of the times. You cant get stronger just with pvp becouse you being forced to do what you dont want. Want some keys? Sure go farm the DAILY quest in the high level dungeon!! You don't got keys from the chest? No problem! You can try again... TOMORROW!! Please for the love of pvp discard that key bullshit. If you made a battleground for people who love pvp then let them play it.