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  1. Same here got a new ssd so I want to reinstall! Deinstalled and reinstalled launcher and bns few times but always same error msg comes up at 48% ...... 000281777.upk.zip (5385)! Dunno what to do now maybe anyone can help
  2. Hi i noticed there is no way to Upgrade skybreak spire Ring/Earring the old way by usin lucent acc pts and crystals! Is it intendet to be or just bugged?
  3. Hi just wanna ask if our stats changing when we are lvl 60? On lvl 55 Patch we got for example 6000crit and it was about 65% on lvl 50 and when we were Gettin to lvl 55 it just was about 50% with These 6000! this decrease Happens to all stats like acc def ......! sry for my Bad englisch i Hope u Unterstand what i am talkin about!
  4. Hab das gleiche Problem ich bin mit meinen charaktern immer direkt zum Wheel für profane Waffen gelaufen sobald ich in moonwater plains angekommen bin, da es auf jeden Fall n Unterschied macht ob man die Story von da an mit der 80 AP Waffe von der questline oder der 194 AP profane Waffe durchspielt. Ist das denn jetzt n nicht behobener bug, dass die Kisten keine warden Waffen beinhalten oder soll es so sein? Haben wir denn noch n xp Bonus laufen für die Story solange das Event läuft?
  5. Iam wondering if its meant to be there is no profane great sword in profane weapon chest! I read in news for last maintenance they added greatswords in weaponchests. So its a bug and nc will change it or there will be no profane greatsword in profane weapon chest? Anyone knows? Cuz its a Strong weapon and when iam in moonwater plains my First Walk is to get this weapon to get faster through quest line!
  6. I am wondering which combination would be better without aransu Badge! VT-raven got better cooldown for bb and tremor but u loose 10% additional damage on cyclone kick. Another question is which Soul Badge is better dps Wise for both soulshield combinations glory or Magnum? So which is the best combination to use: vt-raven-Magnum / vt-raven-glory / msp-raven-Magnum / msp-raven-glory? I Hope maybe someone made a dps Test on These combinations and can help me out!
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