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  1. this game is dying every day because a bunch of dumb devs doesn't know what they are doing, a massive amount of players are quitting and there are other better games on the market. At this point ncs...t is just trying to milk us even more before everyone quite and they close the server. They wouldn't spend money on this server.
  2. 100% agree with you. Event are supposed to be special, fun. They only do it to keep us entertained and busy (stuck in the game). It is a good strategy, but only if well designed. This is causing a massive burnout on our community, as they feel like is always the same thing/ a lot of work or our devs run out ideas. We do have a lot to do (weeklies, dailies, raids, dungeons, pvp) and at some point we just got tired of this “second job”. I believe if we should have only 5 WELL DESIGNED EVENTS per year, like: Easter, July Vacations,
  3. Guys, a tip: If you don't like the event just don't do it. Not just me as my friends and guildmates hated this event, so we just skipped. Spend your time doing something else... complaining here won't work.
  4. I just saw the next event.... well, that's frustrating. Shooting stuff.... long and boring dungeon... and poor rewards. Well, not this time boooois. Back to ST/ Master Hong farm.
  5. Can you imagine how expensive is to maintain a whole new server? NCSOFT barely makes money with us, why do you think they will invest in another one? It is all about investment and profit. Don't forget, this is a business based company, they can't afford to spend more than they are already spending.
  6. Well, I can’t believe I am about to say this, but nice job Ncsoft… this fleeting aura/ plog event is AWESOME. Very fast dungeon (even with ppl afk or taking 10min to enter in from lobby) It is actually very fun seeing that big numbers (after 4 stacks of beer) Very rewarding Extremely simple Your gear affects your dps, and NO BS OF GUNS/FLAMETHROWERS/Shooting stuff Super alts friendly Also, the fleeting aura concept is very nice too. 100% upgrade chance and literally a free awkn aura just for doing dailies and weeklies. Please, use th
  7. Can someone explain wth am I doing wrong with my parse? I saw ppl with way less gear with 500k+. I tried several "builds" with dark mark but looks like are all the same. Also 120ms here.
  8. Well, my whole group set everything on 2, then low pc mode and everyone was using hongmoon uniform. Results = 30 fps minimum throughout the whole fight.
  9. CONFIRMED! It works very very well!! thank you so much mate!
  10. Thanks for this advise. I will try it tonight then. Let's hope it works.
  11. Finally some real comment. Thanks! Looks like this isnt just us then. We r trying to stack all the soul burst on top those circles, then they can have an idea where to go. Still risk because line 1 and 2 are super close.... but let's see what happen. I don't rly thing how exactly ncsofct would help us. Maybe this TT raid is just a wall between players.
  12. Good morning everyone. My raid group is having a very peculiar problem on TT first boss. My group has a whale dps, whale gear but a noob graphic card. Everyone is aware you need to see the other players skills to being able to see the “Soul Burst” spell, which is a problem. They are already having struggles to play with Ctrl F disabled, can you imagine the fps with ctrlF activated + skills of others players? Also is dumb af you need to activate other players skills to make a RAID MECH. Like wth? My question is: There is any way to o
  13. TOI is the most hated thing is this game and ncsoft is aware of that but, sadly, they only carry about whales complaints. The good thing is you can buy the badges with solar energy. Soon glory will be available too, so is just a matter of time.
  14. Pleaaase, do something about hongmoon skills!!! It's been a hassle to get it for alts and new players.
  15. That's awesome to hear. My raid only drops earth neck. Its like fire neck, earth neck and wind neck every week. That sucks man.
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