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  1. Yeah i saw someone write that on another poll, and it helped 🙂 thank you too They should fix it, or let people know about it really.
  2. Hey all, So since the update i still havent been able to log in at all. everytime i press start it goes back to luancher and i press start again and again, and when it finally goes on, there comes the error and it closes once again. I havent been able to get into the game at all and i have reinstall and deleted the old and so on, the support wants me to install something called DxDiag and HijackThis, but i dont know what they are and if they even work. Please, if someone knows a trick to get into the game please let me know, support is not usefull at all 😕
  3. Everytime i press start game it just turns back to the luancher and i press again, i dont know what is going on with it 😕
  4. Haha, i'll keep that in mind thanks 😄
  5. lillvargen - i see, thanks for info 🙂
  6. Also guys, really nice of you all to comment, i didnt think anyone would so am very glad 😄
  7. Ioseppo TiLtEbUg - Ohh i was told by a surporter it wasnt in game (Pugilist) 😮 i still have had no luck in a drop xD Yeah, i agree, i really like colleting the achivements and costumes, so that is sad you cant do that anymore, me too 🙂 Grimoir - i see, but then i got bad info from a surporter sadly 😕 i really just want the old stuff back, like before, those were good times 🙂
  8. They should remove the stuff that isnt in game anymore like Pugilist from The Playpen, i was kinda farming it until i asked if it was still in game 😕 sadly i wasted time on it.
  9. Luryden - i agree, that would be a great way to get them. it would be so nice if it happend 🙂 Dokkoudou - well am forever hoping xD my hopes are not high, its mosty wishful thinking really. aww i summitted a ticket and they said to post here xD well am always hoping for something good to happen, why i still play 🙂
  10. I really want a lot of the old stuff back... Still trying to get a few of the older things, mostly Red Mask xD After 4 years i still havent gotten it, its sad they took out so many things from back in days 😞 Please bring back the quests and so on that was taking out. This is my first post in forums, i dont really know it works but yeah, hope this is cool 🙂
  11. Still havent gotten it after 4 years XD i feel so sad tho
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