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  1. Wind BD Undying Soul Badge not creating spirits

    i would like to add taht the same issue i have everyday on my Hurcane slash that i cant use my rolling typgon after it
  2. since we are getting the awekining patch in a few days i have a question to the team do you knew witch versoin of the awkwning we will get since a few oder versions of the awkiening a breking the balance on the battelground so that kfm ist just overpowerded since the (seret techike ) will get unlocked but over the new sytem and i want to knew if we get one of the latstet versoin of it just without act 10 and Et. couse in some erlyerbuilds of ther awkining the Kfm can more or less just spam tremor in 6vs6 what is pretty broken if i am right it got fixed in the november or febury patch in kr so that bg is getting a bit more balced when the awkwining apdate is hiting becouse i dont want that it is unplaybel with not max pvp gear + tremor spemming ist just a bit op i know that only working if you kill some one with it but with good pvp gear is the tremor dealing soem more dmg. Also i am curuus about the cost of the erlier stages of the brain/nova/stopwatch becouse that the higerstage cost are way to high mayn perpel compalind abot it but something that would be good to know ist on reddit you can find picures of the difrant cost for the complet upgarde paht ist would be niche since you were abel to show case the toatal cost the cost of the verus (tiesr)stages of the nova that we can make some feddback for ever stage so that the prices can get better adustes as if you show only the toatal cost it could be also that only the lsat 2 stagets are costing in toatal 200 pets pods and beofoer ist is far less. in my opianon you could spcify is even more as on theis picure
  3. Komme nicht weiter Kapitel 28

    sry ich kann dir da nicht weiter helfen obwohl ich schon weiter bin schau dir doch auf YouTube ein lp an um es herauszufinden wen du das Problem noch hast
  4. Quest; Akt 7 Kapitel 1 Vorzeichen

    Am 12 April kommt das update in dem Akt 7 vorhanden ist lese dir mal http://www.bladeandsoul.com/de/game/secrets-of-the-stratus/ und http://www.bladeandsoul.com/de/news/producers-letter-march-2017/# an dann weißt du bescheid
  5. keine Hongmoonwaffe

    Hallo @Baskerville ich ürde sagen wenn es die honngmoon waffen nicht mehr zu bekommen sind sollte mann die Einen neben Quest (der Name ist mir entfallen) ganz am anfang wo mann seine Waffe aufwerten soll Im Bambus Dorf enfehrnen.