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  1. The question at hand is almost laughable if the OP wasn't serious. This trash game isn't even worth the usual $15 a month sub fee, let alone any absurd high fee like $100/month. The only people paying that amount of money on this game are those who have nothing else going on in their lives worth spending money on. And that would be a very... very small slice of the total player base. And NCsoft counts on this very small slice to make its profit, even if that means making the game heavily P2W. Don't expect that to change.
  2. Yes it does. My FPS drops to the single digits in boss fights. It never happened before. Please remove this malware!!
  3. It's almost comical to watch all the fanboyz defend everything broken in the game by saying NCsoft has to make money. It's people like that who deserve all the crap the current MMO genre has turned into these days..
  4. In a nutshell this. if you haven't figured it out yet the game is heavily p2w. NCsoft has to provide something for those who are willing to spend whatever little money they have on upgrading their gear, so they can somehow feel superior to others who have more sense than to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a generic grindfest that they may not be interested in a few months down the line. Apparently, in Korea, that's an acceptable business practice. After all, they have to keep the servers running somehow. So don't expect any of those practices to change anytime soon.
  5. I see what you are saying. But I was thinking of upgrading to Baleful 12, then Dawnforged 3; and when the next patch is released upgrade to Dawnforged 6 and from there to Raven 6 direcetly. This way you can skip most of the BT mats needed from Raven 1-6. I am at AP 905, HM 12 atm, and still haven't done a single BT mainly due to scheduling issues, and sadly I dont see that changing very much any time soon.
  6. I think this makes the most sense.
  7. I have tried the search function but was unable to find the answer I'm looking for. I am at baleful 10 to my weapon and I was wondering what to do next. should I continue to baleful 12? and if so should I switch to Dawnforged or Seraph then? or should I switched to Dawnforged or Seraph straight from Baleful 10? What I have heard from asking around is that going for seraph would give you a temporary advantage as the BiS weapon with the current patch. but going for Dawnforged makes more sense on the long-term. What would you guys recommend?
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