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  1. U know its a MMO right ? U just need to farm ... its not the most pleasant ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to do in this game but cmon ... 1 weekend in MSP: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/350595553408712705/587553689611272193/unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/350595553408712705/587557423284355072/unknown.png I never used ( after they added crystals ) a tradable material to upgrade anything and im prety max atm with 2k moostone scrystals and 2,3k elysian crystals. If ur starting plaing or mid gear u need to sink alot of h to get anything ( soul, heart, talysman end ga
  2. Most of the classes will use the neck for a long time since KR got a skills mod on raid acc now. I bet the option will be only on max stage of an item so ... GL&HF
  3. The problem is that every 1 who bought hexa before patch got 2 powders for them so for thos ppl is cost is 2 powders. I sure many ppl was thinking that it will cost 2 powders after the patch. I would buy 18 hexa before patch for my alts if i knew that it will not be hapening and it woudl be 36 powders after the patch not 72 like now.
  4. Its 1,5g ... why do you even ... how often do you mail an oil any way? You can all ways use it on alt ... no mail cost ...
  5. Your right. "Reduces Inferno's CD by 20sec, on a successtul Dragonblaze" - is correct.
  6. Even RU got 1 stupid box from the shroom dung. Give us 1 too !!!! https://imgur.com/a/3D7uW
  7. @MassiveEgo Hes right. I had the same problem. I'm using 1060 and i was caped on ~30 FPS on every dung almost. I turned off VSYNC and now i can enjoy the game normally.
  8. You know that Moonstones drop from F15 still right ? If you need then just farm then ... i guess its the fastest way to get them and its easy. Just do 10 runs from the F8 or somethink dont remember now and get some tickets to start from F13 and there you go ... bundle 10 MS still drops there.
  9. Same here :D Only MSP is a problem. Not only FPS drops but the random game crashes .... sooooo annoing.
  10. I asked suport about the 64 bit client and if its a "banable" think to play on it so far i got this: "if you had access or logged in your account on a 64 bit client we can't provide any assistance when an issue occurred on that time frame" Cant say its an answer coz if i will get baned for haxin on a 64bit client that is an issue i understand but only plaing ... what then? :D
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