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  1. No offense but you are one of the biggest memes ive seen in this game why do you even have so many fms? LUL
  2. ESports Really!

    We get KR's skill patches alot faster then PVE content so we are playing on the same skill patch for a few months before worlds
  3. Force Master, Wallbang

    if you still think fm is weak pls something is definitely wrong with u LUL
  4. Pvp tier list? New Player

    "well didn't seem like u can wallbang much.. and we both know how you are without walls -.-'" thats the end of the conversation u just showed that you have zero clue about the game
  5. Pvp tier list? New Player

    "Funny, wish i recorded the matches i played against u this week. And i play with randoms, not a premade." man you cant go "fm is still bad because i did well vs you in tags" xd
  6. Pvp tier list? New Player

    nah fm is still good in tags if you make it work well in your team. you just have to know how to use it properly. FM is more of a support role in 3v3 and u have great burstdmg/aerial/wallbang potential. FM is still in a very good spot just practice and work on your mistakes.
  7. Pvp tier list? New Player

    ehm i dont think u know anything about fm then tbh lol. its still really strong, i'd say upper mid tier but not top tier. Thats my 1v1 tier list: TOP tier: DES SIN WL MID tier: GUN FM BD KFM LOW tier: SF BM SUM