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  1. Auto arrange would arrange it better than you currently have...
  2. Sounds like you haven't done any end game dungeons and only were doing 6man instances. If you haven't done DT I can assume you haven't done EC and NF too. So go try those and DT in 4man mode, I'm 99% sure you will fail them. Unless you are such pro that you will nail in first attempt, of course I mean doing mechs not just DPSing like monkey. And if you really want challenge then go and do Skybreak Spire with quote on quote " My PvE play shrinked into close my eyes, press some buttons and get reward.". If your gear is sufficient altogether and you can find 23 other play
  3. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/search/?q=kick%20in%20dungeons There you go.
  4. Why these aren't account bound? I have on my main soul wardens/merry potters maxed, and really I don't wanna leave merry potters so I just could get other needed materials. I can't think of any logical good reason why I can't share these materials throughout my characters. Or make it so that I could have every single gathering/crafting guild on one character.
  5. You know you are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed when you see this: No amount of cdef/def will save you from that... I never said that 6v6 should be equalized, but extreme whales should be put into their own category.
  6. Or just boost upgradeable accessories accordingly. And damn if this is the stuff that KR gets then the only thing preventing from switching there is language barrier, so sad...
  7. Hey at least you got patch: Never ever had I had such low download speed... But from what I'm seeing in forums its not really worth to even download...
  8. Looks nice and all, especially this: Draken Necklace, Draken Ring, and Draken Belt can now be purchased from Dragon Express for tokens acquired from their corresponding dungeons. 4-member dungeons provide more tokens than 6-member. I wonder how many tokens it will be needed to get it. I think that minimum 100 runs should be required to buy from dragon express, will see tomorrow tho.
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