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  1. When do these boxes expire? How long do we have to open them after keys can no longer be acquired come the 13th? There is no date on these boxes...
  2. This guy is new and he appreciated being able to get into brood. This is who benefits from the new easy mode. No one is forcing you do do Easy mode, go to hard mode.
  3. I like the easy mode and now that all dungeons are accessible to everyone. I've played this game since it came out and I can remember when dungeons got to the point where not everyone was able to do each dungeon. I can remember being resentful towards people I played with each day because they had ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ internet or ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ computers and would ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up mechs constantly or their DPS was just complete ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ because of FPS/Ping. It made me not want to play with them. If you want mechs go into hard mode or raids. If you haven't had to play with people wh
  4. I have over 21,000 gold, I also however need over 1300 of these things to max my soul (more if your soul isn't at the old max), which at 17 gold each is 22,100 gold right now. I also still need evolved stones which went up in price and all the other materials... Fix this shit.
  5. The prices are now OVER 70% higher.... NCsoft needs to step in and fix this.
  6. Its not patch hype, its a crazy increase in demand with a shrinking amount of supply due to numerous conditions.
  7. 16 gold each, Come on that's a 60% price jump... from the 10 gold each they were previously.
  8. You can see the price of STS have been about 10 gold each and now they are up around 14+ gold that's a 40 percent increase, give or take. One of the things you need to realize is that noob players struggle to do dungeons, they have to LFP and get kicked out of F8 lobbies if they don't join a good clan with strong players who will carry them. They do not earn the money that experienced players earn. When the servers merged the number of Silverfrost Rich quartz was reduced from around 42 spawning every 3 hours and being farmed to around 14-16?. This combined with the 2x demand of STS that e
  9. Gold farmers are not geared, gold farmers are like baleful 7 and 8s. They are not getting loot. Let the farmers die. Also given your username, I'd say you are a gold farmer.
  10. This is good, its killing the gold farmers, let them die off.
  11. The price of Silverfrost Transformation Stones has jumped 40% with the new need of 10 for a sacred oil vs the previous 5. This 40% price increase is hurting newer players who are trying to gear up, I know the hopes is that the new 1v1 3v3 event will help alleviate the problem but I think things will get worse with Wednesdays patch when people will be buying more STS and the price will still go up. Something needs to be done to reduce the cost ASAP, not in phases.
  12. My clan fought a clan with 2 people who had max soul, ravens 9s and the rest were all ascendant 6s. Our rank is only 1350. We do 1 match a week just to keep the rating reward and fighting teams of 6 people with max gear (2 with MAX SOUL) is not fun, never mind we fought them TWICE in a row. I don't mind the challenge, though its not fun for the people in my clan who aren't anywhere near my gear. Also their clan name was Farming something or other, so definitely a clan made just to farm Battle Points. There needs to be a rule where if you haven't been in your clan for over a week or 2 you
  13. Leave it 24 man for months or have it come out as 12 man. This is the kind of screw up you guys do constantly that sours your community and has taken this game from 16 servers NA to 6 in 8 months after release, to now being 2 servers NA after hardly a year and a half.
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