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  1. You banned Force Master from PVP

    I agree with this as i play a ranged class as well. Every other mmo i've played mages weren't mobile, had less cc, and a whoooole lot of debuffs and damage. When they got you, you were ♥♥♥♥ out of luck because they'd chunk you. That made it fun though. The main issue is the pvp combat system in general. In no other pvp game have i seen classes that could spin the entire match and resist everything. In no other game have i experienced 6-7 chained cc combos. In no other game have i experienced aerial combos until you're dead. Aerial is fun n all, but a whole 2-3min of it?? No. The max in most games is like 4 cc's, then you on a few second cooldown. I know no game will have exactly balanced pvp, but bns imo has the worst pvp system in terms of mmos. I agree with the whole ranged classes kinda getting nerfed. Every ranged class i fought, I could beat (except wl). Any melee i came up against could either cc me to death, or 1 shot me. I as a ranged class do not possess as many debuffs as them, i can't chunk them the way they chunk me, i don't have their cc's, i don't have their i-frames. Hey but im top dps in dungeons though amirite? This is why pvp is dead on this game. No one wants to put up with it anymore. It's not a "gitgud" situation, as it's really hard to get good with kits devs give us that are mediocre compared to other classes. Hope they are seriously reading these forums, as this is not the first "cry post" about pvp i've seen around recently.
  2. Make earth summoner great again

    Idk. Summoners got a buff, but so did everyone else. I also agree with first person, wind does more damage in pvp. I main earth summoner as well, and i dread fighting my own class so much because every time they are running wind build. They dps me down faster. I was thinking of switching to wind myself, but i'd still be weak since i wouldn't have all of my gear for it. Plus, i dont even like wind. So i agree with above person on this as well, why does 1 spec not do as well as the other in pvp when other classes have a choice? The server lag/dc in dungeons make it hard for me to even do dailies to grind for this gold to buy the wind build i need.
  3. Want to start this post up again as i'm fed up already and i just returned. I tried to play my favorite class, summoner, in 1v1 arena. Yes i know summoner isn't the best at 1v1, but it can manage and i was able to hit gold on it once before. Matchmaking is bad enough to where i have to fight gold ranked players because there are no silver players trying to pvp. Then i get this blademaster who only had to cc me once, then kill me with one skill (guessing dragon tongue). He swung his sword ONCE, and i dropped dead. I won't even get started on the other classes. I agree with everyone else, pvp needs a serious overhaul. I'm actually surprised they haven't already done it with how long this game has been alive. This game is honestly a good one, and could be even better if you would change some things. No one cares about your mobile game you trying to release except for a small community. Why not expand the bigger community you still manage to keep around? PvP is my favorite thing about games, and this game makes me want to tear my hair out when i try to pvp. I ended up having to reroll to a sin, but i have to do the storyline allll over again just so i can get back to the spot my summoner was in all because i want a better pvp experience :T
  4. ____ is Overpowered ​​​​​​​

    I just finished a 1v1 duel, a bm 1 shot me. He legit just came over, cc'd, then all my hp was gone with 1 skill he used...I am a returning player myself, and never in my previous days of bns have i been 1 shot by a bm. 1 combo'd sure, but 1 skilled?! And it wasn't even their hm skill
  5. Game Freeze of Lag in dugeon

    same. every single dungeon i've been in today, the boss aoe made me lag out/crash. yesterday i had great frames though. please please why won't you optimize this game, it's such a good game!!
  6. Will FM Be Worth It After April 12th?

    Lol alrighty, thank you
  7. Will FM Be Worth It After April 12th?

    oh ok thank you. guess i was in the wrong section for force masters lol
  8. As the title says. I am a returning player and decided to start fresh with a fm, but i'm reading the skill changes and not reading good reviews about it. I do both pve and pvp. Please tell me would it be better to reroll or will the skill changes not effect dps too badly.