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  1. I agree with this as i play a ranged class as well. Every other mmo i've played mages weren't mobile, had less cc, and a whoooole lot of debuffs and damage. When they got you, you were ♥♥♥♥ out of luck because they'd chunk you. That made it fun though. The main issue is the pvp combat system in general. In no other pvp game have i seen classes that could spin the entire match and resist everything. In no other game have i experienced 6-7 chained cc combos. In no other game have i experienced aerial combos until you're dead. Aerial is fun n all, but a whole 2-3min of it?? No. The max in most ga
  2. Idk. Summoners got a buff, but so did everyone else. I also agree with first person, wind does more damage in pvp. I main earth summoner as well, and i dread fighting my own class so much because every time they are running wind build. They dps me down faster. I was thinking of switching to wind myself, but i'd still be weak since i wouldn't have all of my gear for it. Plus, i dont even like wind. So i agree with above person on this as well, why does 1 spec not do as well as the other in pvp when other classes have a choice? The server lag/dc in dungeons make it hard for me to even do dailies
  3. Want to start this post up again as i'm fed up already and i just returned. I tried to play my favorite class, summoner, in 1v1 arena. Yes i know summoner isn't the best at 1v1, but it can manage and i was able to hit gold on it once before. Matchmaking is bad enough to where i have to fight gold ranked players because there are no silver players trying to pvp. Then i get this blademaster who only had to cc me once, then kill me with one skill (guessing dragon tongue). He swung his sword ONCE, and i dropped dead. I won't even get started on the other classes. I agree with everyone else, pvp n
  4. I just finished a 1v1 duel, a bm 1 shot me. He legit just came over, cc'd, then all my hp was gone with 1 skill he used...I am a returning player myself, and never in my previous days of bns have i been 1 shot by a bm. 1 combo'd sure, but 1 skilled?! And it wasn't even their hm skill
  5. same. every single dungeon i've been in today, the boss aoe made me lag out/crash. yesterday i had great frames though. please please why won't you optimize this game, it's such a good game!!
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