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  1. How is this awesome? How is this good? What we get right now if SEVEN orbs for all the orbs we lost. I personally lost 40 white orbs from this. I also lost all my freezing orbs and jinsoyuns feathers and demon spirit stones. What is this? Is this a new joke? This is a complete rip-off and illegal, it was not advertised like this and there is actual proof of what was promised. If someone wasnt lazy, they could take NCSoft to court over false advertisement. (Please someone do, just for the memes)
  2. Warlock Bracelet is bugged?

    Yeah, on my alt shadow wl the tiger bracelet shows a skill that doesnt exist in my skill book, so i have no idea how to procc bracelet and i guess its bugged for now :/. Bummer
  3. Also, the ring and earring arent the worst anymore, but i dont suggest getting them if you dont have loads of draken cores to spend. You will most likely switch to elemental ones pretty quick and it'll be a waste of resources then. And try to get into BT, or join a clan and get into a clan run for BT. You will get money from quests and the share if people buy stuff + you can get the actual upgradeable elemental ring and earring and your class soulshields from there. I suggest doing weeklies as well since you will get materials that you can use to upgrade your gear and crafting other mats or selling them for money. Doing dailies will give you solar energies, which you can use to buy a Soul badge for your class and element - ask around and people will tell you which one to get. Plus if you havent already, farm Celestial Basin for peaches with which you can buy the Mystic badge. And you can also kill the bosses that spawn there every 40ish minutes or smth. They drop pouches and you can get key fragments from there that you can combine 10 pieces of into an actual key and use it during the boss phase (when its rainy) to get to a room where you can get extra materials and possibly heptagonal gems from.
  4. Not anymore, now it only takes 5 min to delete any character.