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  1. this game is a joke. I stopped playing this game about half year ago cause of all bugs and main issue I get with x64 client is that after every update my fps would be locked at 15-20. No matter what you do you won't get it back. Support is useless making you do all kinda things that are not even related to the game. Not even talking about casual driver updates but disabling services and what not just to get nowhere. Today's update broke my game again. I had to start up 6 times before game actually would lunch and then fps lock AGAIN. You don't even wanna know how many times in past I rein
  2. you don't even know what to do with 6900k and probably never will use it to it's full potential (it's like buying a bus to drive to your work, it's not practical). Try 7700k or even 6700k. You can find even 2600k kicks in games compared to amd and price is even lower. We are talking here about gaming and fps and intel still is best for that hands down. And it's more then just few fps and even if that would be few fps we are spending extra money on aftermarket coolers to oc cpu to literally get few more frames. We spend more money on a better mobo to have better components to handle better oc's
  3. 200 is a low end for gpu and always was. And I love the fact you completely ignored that fix benchmark and 499 amd cpu vs 250 intel. That's totally fair and valid thing to do. Also these low end cards are a bottleneck for actual benchmark system.
  4. Why are you comparing low-end gpu's? :) So we can see a bottleneck? Throw 1080 or at least 1070. Also you compare 499 cpu and only include intel mid - range cpu. You can clearly get i7 for that price or older generation i7 for lower price and still beat flat out intel in every title.
  5. Kinda disagree this is still about intel and amd and their features. Optane is cheap and is faster then m.2 so for windows and most used apps/games is fantastic solution cause everything else can but stored in samsung ssd's as they become cheaper every year. If you are a gamer then intel still beats in every title ryzen and that's a fact.
  6. New and cheap ssd that are faster then pci ssd will be soon out for intel. You can get it for 50 - 70 euros and that will be awesome for game loading and windows apps etc. There are much more features intel has that amd can't even touch but not many talking about that. And if you look at pricing then think again, older generation intel still kicks in performance. And only paid reviewers show amd glory while other show more realistic results. Sure you can OC but it's not that straight forward + many have problems. I bet next generation of amd maybe will start turning tables but this is nothing
  7. In every tested game ryzen lost fps battle even to an old intel i5.
  8. the only way to fix fps trash limit is to reinstall whole game. You can try delete part of the game and then use repair but with no success (at least in my case). So future of bns patches is like this - every week prepare to reinstall the game cause instead of fixing it they just keep breaking it. If I would have to guess I would say that this is public beta nothing more. And these who got fps problems and bns support blames your system then maybe my system doesn't meet requirements as well. i7 6700k, 16bg ram ddr4, gtx 1070, ssd. Guess upgrading my system would help.
  9. I just reinstalled the whole game and fps issue is gone. Weird and annoying specially for these with bad internet.
  10. Last update was very sad for me. I was running 64bit w/o any problems, in fact game was very smooth with most places 120 fps and in very populated areas with players would never go below 40 but after last update I get only 20 fps and below. What the hell ncsoft? One step forward and giant leap back... So mad and disappointed with this. My secondary PC using windows 8.1 and after update same story - can't go above 20 fps. Depressing........
  11. well for me personally and my girlfriends account this is almost instantaneous. Charge from web and go back in-game and ncoins are there.
  12. So you are saying if mine ms is 100 - 130 then real one is shorter? Confusing..
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