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  1. Game won't start

    this game is a joke. I stopped playing this game about half year ago cause of all bugs and main issue I get with x64 client is that after every update my fps would be locked at 15-20. No matter what you do you won't get it back. Support is useless making you do all kinda things that are not even related to the game. Not even talking about casual driver updates but disabling services and what not just to get nowhere. Today's update broke my game again. I had to start up 6 times before game actually would lunch and then fps lock AGAIN. You don't even wanna know how many times in past I reinstalled this slow poke download game. This is still in terrible shape. I think it's safe to say that for me this is lost cause. I never in my life had so bad experience with games. Every day I get friend requests from goldsellers.. This game can't even be properly uninstalled because after uninstalling game folder with all it heavy content still is on your ssd... You have to manually delete folder. What year is this? I feel so mad that I spent so much money in past into this half broken thing..
  2. Maybe we could simple buy all endgame, upgraded gear and be done with it? Include achievements too cause why not..
  3. Valentine's Costume

    We all have private life and stuff. I would love to see all outfits in the store at all times but I'm ok with the way things worked out till now. I didn't play bns from the beginning so I missed a lot. Now they randomly put exclusive Valentines day outfit in May.. That is not acceptable for me.
  4. Valentine's Costume

    Why this costume is beck in F10???? I feel cheated! Then put all other costumes in F10 too! What is this randomness? I'll never again spend my money on this game. First you put hairstyle in character customization for free from Sweet Treat costume and now you go even further by bringing it back. Very disappointed with game.
  5. Use of macros

    Don't know if macros even work in this game. Every time I wanna skip or pause my music I can't use function keys on my keyboard because it doesn't do anything. I have to alt tab. I'm on 64bit system client.
  6. Warrior's Wares Quest

    Tried that, even tried to rebind keys and reset. You can't complete quest and yellow text in the middle of the screen is super annoying. Shame I had to cancel quest.
  7. Warrior's Wares Quest

    "Press Ctrl + C to open the Hongmoon Store" Thing is this short cut doesn't work and I can't finish the quest. Please fix it.
  8. Account Bound Outfits

    How they make money on rare outfits? You know you can use stamps to transfer outfit to any other character. And stamps are pretty cheap and can be bought with HC (convert gold to HC). I don't think many if any actually spending twice money on the same outfit just so multiple character could have it at once. All this for me personally is not convenient and more annoying to get these stamps and bla bla bla. Having none premium wardrobe would be cool, you could have only few slots where you can unlock them like you would unlock inventory slots. I personally tried premium and I hate it. That was also trove period where I didn't even get extra spin and trove itself felt game braking for me so I stopped playing.
  9. Account Bound Outfits

    Not only players would would be happy but also gold sellers. The only thing I wish they would make shared wardrobe across all your alts.
  10. Bm or Sin PVE

    I play both and I really enjoy sin much more. They also have party iframe and a blue buff. Sin requires low ping. Sin is also much more mobile then bm because in stealth you can run faster and avoid unwanted targets.
  11. PC Suggestions

    You are very passionate about ryzen and that;s all fine. However saying this is future proof is nothing more but a wish or a dream. Nothing in current world technology is future proof simply because today tech tomorrow is old news. When developers will take full advantage over so many cores, I believe even new generation amd cpu will simply out-scale all current generation. Very rarely we get actual game designed for PC in mind, most games are simple ports from the consoles. Other thing I would never trust that reviewer as he could be nicely compensated for his review. Don't have to talk bad thing about product just don't have to mention what is not so good. If you wan real deal for PC world then check out gamers nexus on youtube, these guys go beyond simple fps tests. Experience and consistency is important for the reference and potentials. For now if you game and have cash go i7 (like 4 core owned not so long time ago said that you don't need more and i7 is overkill and now with ryzen out every fanboy say 8 core and more is must and future)
  12. PC Suggestions

    I always laugh when someone telling that ryzen is the future and will get all optimizations and better performance in the game :D Oh boy, it's like more then 8 core before ryzen never existed and now we have latest and greatest technology. Cmon be real! Games can support even 32 cores not all but many do even AAA games. Go do your research if you don't believe me. It's all about developers and how much it will take to optimize their game, sometimes it is not even possible due to engine limitation and bigger title are in development for years. If you do gaming most go intel simply because higher clock will always outshine core count. Intels are easy to oc with cheepo coolers, amd is more or less a silicon vegas. If you really do a lot of video editing and stuff then maybe ryzen will do, but since you are asking these questions on gaming forum I'll assume you are pure gamer and since you have money for 1080ti then don't cheap out with amd and go intel as no one with i7 ever complained or said they will upgrade now cause they are so bad performers. If I would have to build a fresh system then I would look at amd only in the future when all the hype goes away and still maybe next generation ryzen as now stability can be an issue.
  13. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    you don't even know what to do with 6900k and probably never will use it to it's full potential (it's like buying a bus to drive to your work, it's not practical). Try 7700k or even 6700k. You can find even 2600k kicks in games compared to amd and price is even lower. We are talking here about gaming and fps and intel still is best for that hands down. And it's more then just few fps and even if that would be few fps we are spending extra money on aftermarket coolers to oc cpu to literally get few more frames. We spend more money on a better mobo to have better components to handle better oc's, same goes for good psu and faster ram. To me this all sounds like people who never could afford i7 now find an excuse to moan about. Because I personally know none who own even higher tear i5 would complain about cpu alone. Clearly there is no point arguing with hype and fanboys so I'll leave it here. Smart will do proper research before committing and lazy will waste money regardless cause he/she doesn't even understand what is paid for.
  14. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    200 is a low end for gpu and always was. And I love the fact you completely ignored that fix benchmark and 499 amd cpu vs 250 intel. That's totally fair and valid thing to do. Also these low end cards are a bottleneck for actual benchmark system.