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  1. completely agree with you, especially this point should also be of interest for NCWest themselves.
  2. can only say "yay!" :D @FrozenB it is that hard to organize a tournament if u are interested :D
  3. im doing pvp regularily and im swimming in soulstones pvp is a thing here compared to other games (even for silver ranking, you would get 22.5 Soulstones per pouch on avg) :^) ToI also almost always gives 10 Soulstones (or 10 sacred orbs but thats worth more money u could sell on market) SSM always gives 1 lucent chest from dynamic + 4 from loot table CS always gives 1 pouch + almost always 1 from loot table if you do SOME things on a daily basis ure bound to stumble over soulstones/-crystals and its good that there is a way to spend them. tho you could argue
  4. https://www.legionesports.com/the-repetition-players-face-in-arena/ This Article is 6 months out by now, but most of the facts stated and issues addressed still remain true. I really like the BnS pvp, and dont want to see it stagnate. It is very unique and outstanding compared to other PvP scenes in similiar games, propably THE best designed pvp concept
  5. i honestly liked the dungeon, it does not come with gear requirements, yet is a bit more challenging like a classic hard mode dungeon but thank god there is Dragon Blood to compensate for a few mess-ups. what i dont like is that you need at least a semi good class composition to kill last boss just before/at enrage time and most of the time the Loot table is unrewarding or complete trash, so it is not efficient for gearing especially considering that this dungeon takes about 30 minutes (from forming party until last loot auction is over) , which turned off a lot of other players
  6. I personally had an issue in Black Desert Online, where the Steam version of it constantly crashed after launching the game, until i used a XignCode bypass. Of course BDO is a bit special there since it was getting protected from VAC and XignCode at the same time, but it may indicate the combination of both seems to be a bad thing in some cases. Try killing the Steam process. I doubt that this would fix it but theres no harm done. Sometimes for me XignCode blocked me from launching BNS because it detected 3rd party software. At random it seems because a few retries solved
  7. I hope the community managers will pay attention to this post and look into this, it adresses a real issue here! *investigate meme intensifies*
  8. So this wasnt fixed with the last two recent updates, eh? .
  9. There are a lot of other items with the same issue, but i just wanted to start pointing out the most recent ones, where your devs should actually be aware of it
  10. It seems like the Item description was not updated with the last two patches. The following items have an outdated description for "Acquired from": - Ocean Life Force - Deap Sea Kelp - Golden Honey - Fog Mushroom - Evil Spirit Root These items are not available in the "Dragon Express" anymore. Also they should have the Merchant "Lee Youjin" (from Celestial Basin) listed there. tbh, it is embarassing to see it happen right after a second update was released for the last patch.
  11. In this picture i have all setting maxed except for: - Shadow Visibility (i usually have this on 1, in the picture it's on 2) - Shadow Level (1) - Volumetric Lightning - Motion Blur - High Quality Motion Blur I dont have this all the time, but i have this really often and it just looks ridicolous. I also know from other players that they experience this as well. If the issue lies in "too low settings" then thats still an issue anyway, isnt it
  12. when Dead, pressing 4 to revive forces a loading Screen in dungeons and Open world, however in Battle Grounds there is no loading screen. I dont understand why there has to be one in dungeons. completed quests are not recognized while in Loading screen, which means people miss the reward from the dungeon making the whole run meaningless.
  13. During the Alluvion effect, Rolling Typhoon reduces Wind Slash (Lightning Draw) cooldown by 1 second. https://puu.sh/xLqG0/7f70229a86.mp4 This is very essential for the Blade Dancer Wind Rotation but it is not listed as badge effect in the game.
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