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  1. Old player turned noob

    Regarding the weapon, you can purchase the Dawnforged weapon for Naryu silver from Zaiwei(might be a vendor in Mushin's Tower also), you may need to buy a few in order to get one with 8 gem slots, but keep trying. Regarding the Accessories, one of the easiest ways to get the next tier up is in Moon Refuge, There is daily mission in there(part of the daily Challenge) and then the repeatable mission there also, The Daily mission will give you part, the repeatable you'll need to complete 4 times. Then you take that back to one of the vendors in Moon Refuge to exchange for Moonlight Buds, which you can in turn use to purchase ACCs. Get on a Skybreak Spire(BT) dungeon team, plenty of teams taking lower characters and get the ring and earring from there. Don't buy with Buds it costs too much, i think they can also be bought from the current event. As for Gems, you should get a few completing the quests(Temple of succession quest gives some also i think, not the raid).
  2. Once that part of the quest is actually available, you'll be able to complete, it's not available as of yet, which is why you can't finish it. Wait for the next story update, whenever that will be,
  3. I don't know if it's all users, my system is due a reinstall but for now it all works.... kind of :D Check the thread linked by Hyunkel, i had terrible performance when i changed to the 5700XT, but with the DX9 to DX12 wrapper, it works so much better, get a few graphical glitches, but nothing game breaking. Without that wrapper my fps goes into single digits when moving the camera. Another thing which seems to help without it is to turn shadow detail right down, bring both sliders to the minimum and that'll help performance, although the game environment will suffer from it.
  4. I'm no expert, but with other NCSoft titles, namely City of Heroes and Villains, you had an option to do older content at the level it was intended for, now this would make plenty of sense in this game as there is some cool content which is pretty much skipped now, no one does the older dungeons, or goes to certain areas, like nightshade harbour and E.Fleet apart from trying to get costumes. I think this is such a waste of the content that the game has. Some way to match the level of the current zone would help in making all of this content more interesting and challenging. and would add so much more to the game in terms of worthwhile content. Worthwhile meaning a challenge rather than monetary gain.
  5. Low fps on high end PC

    Do you have GPUZ installed? if not get it. When you are playing, check what your running stats are, gpu temps, core clocks, gpu usage, also note the PCI-E bandwidth and version(it may show as 1.1 when idle).
  6. AMD RX 5700 series

    Thats to be expected, seems like it's working fine for you. BnS is unplayable for me without the proxy, if i move the camera around i drop to single digit fps without it.
  7. Hi all, Is anyone else playing this game on a Radeon 5700xt? Just want to try and see if anyone else is having similar issues, stuttering like crazy, massive frame drops?
  8. Low fps on high end PC

    I recently went to the Red side, my previous cpu had no iGPU so i have no idea, there should be a setting somewhere either in the nvidia control panel or windows display setings i would have though. But yes, highly unlikely the built in GPU could do 120fps anywhere.... :) Those temps look ok, so it won't be that.
  9. Low fps on high end PC

    Was going to ask yesterday but had issues logging in here. the 9900k has an integrated GPU, are you sure that isn't being used at all? I would imagine you could probably tell if it wasn't but from what you are describing your fps seems a bit low for a 5Ghz 9900k and a 2080S. Unless your CPU is throttling due to overheating maybe?
  10. AMD RX 5700 series

    The first time a map loads it has to load the shader cache so everything will look odd, the second time that same map loads it doesn't have to generate the shader cache again and should look fine, you should still notice the same performance increase. What frame rates are you getting? What version of the proxy are you using? What issues are you experiencing? can you post a video? Whats the content of your bns64 folder look like? Are you using the same client(32 vs 64)? no, you don't have to update it everytime, just make sure that the d3d9.dll file is still there and the folder still exists,
  11. Alt character stats

    Unity points and level. For instance, my lvl 1 characters on my account start with about 20k hp instead of the couple hundred you normally get.
  12. Ebondrake Citadel costumes?

    It never dropped often before, only seen it once.
  13. AMD RX 5700 series

    Instructions: https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy/wiki/Installing There is a link to the download in the there also, ignore what it says about turning down shadows, running ultra smooth with everything at max here. The only issue is that the world takes a little longer to render initially, it looks weird for a few seconds, but soon sorts itself out. Still working great, to elaborate a little further, you place the proxy software in its folder in your game folder(bin64 for the 64bit client. mine is: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin64\d912pxy In that folder in the dll\release folder you'll find a d3d9.dll, move that to the bin64 folder Also in the d912pxy folder is a bns_config.ini, rename to config.ini and thats it. Launch the game and see the difference.
  14. AMD RX 5700 series

    I won't hold my breath for the UE4 update, although it will be welcome when it comes, the bugs are going to be many
  15. Radeon 5700 XT and B&S

    Yeah, the 5700XT runs like turd by default, and doesn't seem to make any sense as to why. Try the dx9 to dx12 wrapper, it's called d912pxy: Instructions: https://github.com/megai2/d912pxy/wiki/Installing There is a link to the download in the there also, ignore what it says about turning down shadows, running ultra smooth with everything at max here. The only issue is that the world takes a little longer to render initially, it looks weird for a few seconds, but soon sorts itself out.
  16. AMD RX 5700 series

    Wow, the DX12 wrapper is working amazing, everything is up to max detail and running smoothly, no more frame rate or stutter issues!!!! Only done a quick test, but the game is running so nicely now, i'm going to enjoy playing this game again. many thanks for the tip :D
  17. AMD RX 5700 series

    I'm well aware of the limitations of this game engine, but also aware that there is no good reason why my 980ti should outperform my 5700xt. I went with the reference card, and watercooled it. Although i do need to dismantle the card and check the fitting, and make a few modifications to my loop, it's running good enough at the moment and keeping temperatures low enough whilst overclocked so i have no heat issues. GPU plays a big enough role if i could quite comfortably play with all settings maxed out before, and now i can't. Even the character select screen starts choppy before smoothing out. At times i am getting well in excess of 100fps but the drops and dips are weird, also it would seem that the card isn't run at full speed all the time, but thats what these cards do nowadays... I was meant to try to dx12 thing last night, but to be honest, i completely forgot, i've got the links and will see how that goes.
  18. AMD RX 5700 series

    I always use DDU between driver installations. It's an AMD issue by the looks of it, even more specifically, this card does not like BnS Shadows. If i turn Shadow Visibility and quality down to 3 and 1, and everything else at 5, the game runs smooth as silk. As soon as turn up shadow details, performance tanks! Overall performance is probably a little worse than my ageing GTX 980ti in this game i think..... sad
  19. Can't collect my weekly rewards.

    Weekly resets don't happen after maintenance, never did before, and saying they suddenly appear after Thursday still doesn't relate to the linked post. There is a problem, a bug, it's poorly explained to the user base and people are confused. Isn't that the real issue?
  20. Can't collect my weekly rewards.

    My point was that the linked post doesn't say that, unless i missed it, which doesn't help the OP. Thanks for the info, it's not often i do my weeklies on a Wednesday so i wouldn't have known about this.
  21. Can't collect my weekly rewards.

    That post isn't completely relevant or needs updating, I completed my weekly this morning, unless i'm mistaken it's Wednesday! which is the day that the weekly rewards are supposed to reset. Others with me didn't get their completions either, 6 quests done, 0/3 still listed....
  22. I generally see plenty of all classes on any given day. No one can tell you which class you are going to like. Thats for you to decide. When i first started i wanted to play a Destroyer, then a Kung Fu Master, but i've spent most of my time on my force Master, it's personal preference :) I still enjoy playing all of those, i have at least one of every type at lvl 60, still enjoy my FM more than the rest, I'm not saying you should take each to lvl 60 to figure it out, i generally play until jadestone village, if i don't like them for whatever reason(looks, voice, etc) i'll delete and start again.
  23. Trove

    I only opened up slots on one character, and bought very few keys(spent £16), other than than i used the free key per day, got one 3* crit(think i bought vials or PTS's). didn't take the costume for once(Razzle Dazzle is a little too busy for my liking), but did get a couple gilded triangular gems, so not too bad. Still enjoying playing, and plenty of dungeons i need to watch guides to learn the mechs for.... I'm not at whale level, and i don't think i ever will be, especially when people do 2.5M dps now!
  24. Unannounced maintenance for Jinsoyun again?

    server probably crashed...... at least i know now it's not just me :)
  25. Steelseries giveaway

    Thanks for the linkage, done and done :)