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  1. I generally see plenty of all classes on any given day. No one can tell you which class you are going to like. Thats for you to decide. When i first started i wanted to play a Destroyer, then a Kung Fu Master, but i've spent most of my time on my force Master, it's personal preference :) I still enjoy playing all of those, i have at least one of every type at lvl 60, still enjoy my FM more than the rest, I'm not saying you should take each to lvl 60 to figure it out, i generally play until jadestone village, if i don't like them for whatever reason(looks, voice, etc) i'll delete and start again.
  2. Trove

    I only opened up slots on one character, and bought very few keys(spent £16), other than than i used the free key per day, got one 3* crit(think i bought vials or PTS's). didn't take the costume for once(Razzle Dazzle is a little too busy for my liking), but did get a couple gilded triangular gems, so not too bad. Still enjoying playing, and plenty of dungeons i need to watch guides to learn the mechs for.... I'm not at whale level, and i don't think i ever will be, especially when people do 2.5M dps now!
  3. Unannounced maintenance for Jinsoyun again?

    server probably crashed...... at least i know now it's not just me :)
  4. Steelseries giveaway

    Thanks for the linkage, done and done :)
  5. How to Get to Moon Refuge?

    You should have a quest to talk to someone in the celestial basin, the same contact that gives the daily quest there. Once you speak to him, the windstride location will unlock.
  6. Them Outfits... Maybe?

    I'm not exactly sure what you are on about here, most if not all of the early costumes are still obtainable one way or another, except for obsidian serpent. All the wheels of fate still work that i can remember, and all of them still provide outfits if they did before. Some wheels never seemed to give outfits like the ones at the blackram shipyards, yeharas mirage and hogshead hamlet. I got the Kaari outfit just the other week on an alt, so it still works, it's a chore, but it's doable, still easier than infinite challenge :)
  7. Yeah, this wasn't a smart move, maybe leave some way for these quests to still be completed, for instance, an extra portal in Yehara's Mirage which takes you to the version where this dungeon is, it wouldn't be too hard to do, just need an extra NPC like you do for shattered mast & Gloomdross incursion during the story line. Not sure how many other dungeons with costumes have been removed from the game like this. Or even simpler..... put the quests back like they were, how about making them adjust to the level/size of the group automatically, that would make the rest of the content you worked so hard on no longer obsolete. City of Heroes(oh i missed you!!) would adjust the dungeon to the size of the group, there was even a difficulty slider to make it harder if you wanted. I remember doing a Freakshow mission with 2 scrappers(both Super Reflexes) on max difficulty, the enemy were all +4 tank smashers and swipers, we died loads!!! :) good times!
  8. Level 20 with a profaned????

    probably an old Hongmoon weapon that was changed. I'm pretty sure that one of my 20 somethings had the profane weapon after trading in the Hongmoon weapon back in the days. My Teens got the Golden Deva Weapon IIRC, nothing to worry about there.
  9. Well, i must be lucky then, opened 1 box with the few hm coin that i had and i got the outfit. It's ok, not the best outfit i've got but i'll take it. Thankfully i don't have to spend anything on it. RNG is rarely my friend.
  10. Does BNS Buddy is allowed

    Apart from multi client i think
  11. Does BNS Buddy is allowed

    The official forums isn't the place to discuss third party tools, I would check on the forums of said bns buddy if they have any, and ask the questions there.
  12. Force Mages silly out of range move

    It's an out of combat method to switch between fire and ice, and yes it's annoying.... more annoying than gunslingers constantly reloading.
  13. Wall Dash

    complete the other purple missions first, if you haven't spoken to Old Man Cho repeatedly, and done everything he's asked, including getting the Serpent calling bell, then you won't get it
  14. Sorry if this has been complained about before, but i've got to say.... This Variable Evolution crap is not fun. I get that it's a nice bonus getting the soul effectively for 'free' and all that. But I just can't invest the time needed to run all of the dungeons to get all of the oils per day to repeatedly see 'failure' all the way up to 100%, this is the most disappointing non fun thing i've ever had to do in this game. When i first started playing the events to do costumes were something like 'collect this item around jadestone village' a few times and thats it. Now we get this Variable evolution rubbish! This game is becoming less and less fun. I'll never catch up to the top players due to the 'costs' involved which never really bothered me as i enjoyed playing anyway. I'm losing even that now.... I want to get the Soul from this event and the costume, but there is no chance now of me getting both, maybe with extreme luck.... But i don't think it's a matter of luck, just bad RNG. Anyway, i'll be trying, but i'm not sinking any more money into this game, i don't have the will or the want anymore.
  15. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I'd be happy with the outfit to be honest, if i could change my stage 6 'never going to get to 100% Soul' to a costume set i would.
  16. I hate this event - Variable Evolution

    He succeeded....... Sad though, i used to really enjoy this game, just thinking about the Trove coming around again makes me cringe.
  17. I love this game :) <3

    I doubt either of these will be less P2W than What we have now.....
  18. I hate this event - Variable Evolution

    1st, please don't tell me what to do, I don't mean to be rude(i do) but who(insert expletives) do you think you are? No, i don't have 2 hours to give to this game every day only to see 'failure' repeatedly. I was also trying to make a point that in other events i've been able to get Alts done as well as the requirements weren't so high. I'm mainly disappointed in myself for giving into this constant upgrade madness... And not getting the costume like the costume ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ i used to be :D I've missed a few recent costumes either due to lack of playing time(RL is more important than this Credit card details craving timesink!) or other reasons such as the lack of gold coming into my account, or the lack of Daily dash bonuses as i cancelled my subscription a few months back. I'm sure it's fine for you, thats your opinion, good for you!!! Why does everyone's opinions have to be right or wrong! I see the way this game has been going since i started playing, and i don't like it(still my opinion). I'm sure a few others feel the same way.
  19. I need the Mechanizer bangle to upgrade my Dawnforged Bangle from 5-6. Once i have that i can switch to a Raven. I have all the materials, except for this weapon, quite annoying that i cant get it any other way. If i had paid attention i would have bought it on the last trove event :(
  20. I'm so not impressed by this!!! :D
  21. Trying to get the Enchanted Seductress or Temptress on my Warlock at the moment, will be the first time i'll get it with a Jin. Lost count the amount of chests i've opened already. It is all RNG, but RNG sucks! :D
  22. I'm trying not to spend too much money on costumes and stuff, if its ingame, i should be able to get it.
  23. The part of me that thinks "I went through this damned dungeon over 250 times to get this costume, why should you have it easy?" agrees with you.. The rest of me that thinks "I don't want to go through this hell with my other characters" wants the drop rates increased!! :D You really shouldn't need to do an obsolete dungeon that many times to get a costume, truth be told though, my Gon KFM got it on the 2nd try :p
  24. Free 7 day premium + Night Luna

    Wow, you really feel hard done by don't you?
  25. Free 7 day premium + Night Luna

    Have you not seen the amount of people running around in the Night Luna outfit?!?!?!? Sounds like you were too late. When i did mine there were 2000 keys remaining.