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  1. Syntrax


    Seriously still not a single answer from NS Staff ? I mean, this is gamebreaking, MMORPG without friendlist, thats complete joke, and you just close your eyes on this mater, maybe cuz you're not loosing "money"... more like NC $$$oft...
  2. Syntrax


    Hey there, its now more than 3 month that my friendlist is bugged, it appeared blank as if i have no friends and I have the message that I dont have any friends, If i try to add someone, it says the player is already in my friendlist, and if i try to add a new one, it will appear in my friendlist but will dissapear after I log out... I already sent a support ticket which they replied they knew the issue but cant do anything. It is really annoying, and it is unnaceptable for such a company to not even try to find a solution for this.
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