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  1. dragon light sins, tremor pull, tab f, damage > cc, ascendant fms with infinite heal cycles, flaming scourge bd, *very pvp much wow*
  2. make dugeons fun

    the only real mechanics in narrows is to cc the last boss when he grabs, im talking more about dungeons level 45 and up, like poh, labyrinth, nexus, citadel, yeti,masts and soguns lament
  3. make dugeons fun

    Honestly, even though most people will disagree the current Poharan event is the most enjoyable event (for me) in forever, dungeons these Days have became so dull and boring, of course, Everything was new and cool when we were new to the game but even then running the same dungeon over and over could be fun, no party was the same as the last one, people were nice and willing to help players that did not yet know any mechanics for clearing bosses. and of course, the part that bugs me the most, The dungeons are no longer any challenge. Yes you've got hard mode but finding a party for that with players on a gear level that would make the run challenging is near impossible. Not to mention players no longer seem to have any knowledge of mechanics, or be willing to learn them either, dungeons have just become a pewpew fiesta. Some of this is obviously the fault of the Community, but I think ncwest has a hand in it too, with all the random nerfs to dungeons/mechanics and the buffs to the gear aquired from storyline Everything becomes to easy. I never really understood the Point in halving some of the bosses HP over time when all the players are also getting more strong with time, you should be doing the exact opposite, at least for hard mode. But I understand nothing can really be done about this, I'm just sad that the players I meet in f8 are just becoming more and more like dps bots, unable to do anything but pewpew. If I had to put a time on it I'd say things started to go down hill after the "secrets of the stratus empire" patch. Something that I think could revive many players enjoyment of 6-man dungeons is if you'd add an "other worldy" mode for all dungeons where you'd mimic what you did to good old 6-man poharan in this event, of course you'd have to balance the drops etc not to ruin the economy. This way we could go back and enjoy the good old Yeti mechanics or wiping to ashura in soguns lament because no one brought antidotes
  4. Close Shave

    ahm... pvp is still a thing
  5. Close Shave

    if you're shadow it will be the secondary spec of F, insted of "Dark strike" if you're Lightning it will be on F aswell, insted of "Lightning pierce"
  6. Blocking orbs in SJF

    decoy - move 1 and move 2 is a block, nothing else though so if you wanna block more than once every 8 seconds you need 3 set beluga soulshield which makes the cooldown 6.4 seconds.
  7. make dugeons fun

    the game is and will stay a "grindgame" to some extent, but raising the difficulty would mean you can decrease the amount of runs required to gain whatever you're looking to get, parties with excellent teamwork should be rewarded...
  8. make dugeons fun

    honestly, the poh events did have it flaws, in that sence, but the kind of party leader that wont enter unless the party is absolutely optimal have Always excisted. fms were usefull in realmrift aswell, just not as usefull as grabs were.
  9. I have this problem myself, some Daily quests that are dungeon related gives you one guarranteed each day, not sure which ones but if I remember correctly IF Daily gives you one. honestly though, they should at least let us mail them from character to character, like it is now, pvp is not rewarding enough for players that wants to pvp and pve
  10. I think the main reason for people quitting is that it takes quite a long time for new content to be released, and old content cannot be enjoyed in the same mannor as Before, even though all players deal more and more damage each day and can take more and more damage each day "old" bosses like zakhan and heavenpiercer are still being nerfed, I am not sure what the reason for this is. Honestly they're sitting on a gold mine of fun challenging content in the form of old dungeons, your average run of shattered masts is now just a pewpew fiesta, which if you ask most players, isn't that fun. they just wanna get it done for the Daily and then go back to more challenging content like raids and hard mode dungeons. Mechanics in dungeons have gone from unforgiving teamwork requireing mechanics to... very forgiving, you do them wrong and you get an iframable aoe that doesn't even kill if you do not iframe it, if you're in hard mode I suppose it's still hard but the rewards for wiping in hard mode and teaching that one Clueless guy in your party how to do the mechanics and constantly recruit new people because everyone is now used to not having to do anything but pewpew to get their rewards, is not high enough. my solution to this would be to make hard mode Worth while or maybe just add a new mode alltogether.
  11. Updated Desolate Tomb Mechanics

    Basically, everyone is worse at the game because even though everyone does more damage every day that goes by, dungeons are still being nerfed, mechanics used to be a nessesity even in 6-man mode but now, all the new players have no idea what to expect from dungeons/raids on the higher end. and then they tumble into the first boss room of bt and have never Heard the Word "mechanics" Before. especialy Desolate Tomb used to be extremely unforgiving in both modes, no longer the case... it's sad honestly, all these baleful 9 gunners running around and completely ignoring all types of mechanics. introducing something like Fallen Aransu school 2 years ago would have been Childs play, but that's not the case today, simply knocking down when you're supposed to proves too hard for the newcomers because they have never had to knock down bukka in ec or anything like that. I miss the old Days of 4 man soguns lament with 600 ap each, that was hardcore :bnsplease:
  12. Valentine's Event

    I've been waiting fo a pvp event... this is not what I was looking for, especially since the tokens are character bound so if I want to do this with all my chars, all my chars has to go to that masacre and try to spin that Wheel, so many things wrong about this idea.. 18 seconds? only if you wear faction uniform? only one can spin at a time? only 1 Wheel?
  13. lowbie farm

    gear is no problem for me, I deliberately attack them with one of my lower leevl characters because they all suck, I just think it's scummy of them, but yes I knew before I went in that nothing would be changed
  14. Shadow, pve rotation and info?

    personally my shadow pve rotation is lmb rmb ani cancel, this is only better than lmb rmb f spam if you have hm heart stab (atleast for me) I know alot of soulshields in the end game gives dark strike extra damage up to 60% but I've tried it all and it's not Worth it for me, simply lmb rmb lmb rmb (keeping 5 stacks of poison up all the time ofc) is best dps for me. I usually stack poison with 3->tab->1->2->4->lmbrmblmbrmblmbrmb I use focus recovery mist slash, heart stab, venom on 3, choke bomb on 4 (poison breath if I'm having trouble surviving) resist on c, mine toss on z (if knock downs are not required for the fight) normal decoy, focus recovery shadow slash, damage Lightning rod, fighting spirit. projectile protection x
  15. lowbie farm

    Nothing says BnS has to be like all the other MMO's, I don't see anything negative with the Changes I suggested, the exact opposite, and I'm sure most would agree, with a change like "you don't get anything for your achivement by killing low level people" would still teach newbies that faction uniforms can mean trouble whilst also keeping it "fair" so to speak. I'm gonna keep dumpstering these foshi campers 'till something is done