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  1. Removed Assassin skills

    would be dank!
  2. What class use Glory and Sagewood badges?

    I know assassin uses glory alot these days, and I think sf uses one of them aswell
  3. all classes are cancer in toi if they directly counter your class, but there's always a way for you to deal with it, it could be as simple as to learn the matchup, I'm willing to bet you're just pewpewing. assassin is a class that heavily punishes people that try to pve them, pveing a sin is like gifting him 6 seconds of stealth every 8 seconds. against destros and bds it's easy to see and it's about the first thing you learn when it comes to classes you don't play, don't hit into the damn spin! as for sin, much like summoners and fms, you simply have to learn how the class works or you'll get shat on. I advice you to git gud and stop crying, and I know what I'm talking about since whenever I do bg it's painfully obvious that the community loves gifting the sins free stealth it's part of the reason I can end up at class rank nr. 30 with an ascendant 4 dagger. but I do agree that it seems almost all classes have at least one hard counter in toi, in sins case that'd be bd and fm, perhaps in your case it's sin... or you just need to git gud as stated above.
  4. Difference between Shadow and Lightning

    shadow has to keep up a very specific rythm if they truly want to deal damage. light does ani cancel more, and sure it's harder but honestly I haven't seen a single lightning sin pull it off. seems to me like it's just a huge handicap, we're already playing one of the if not the hardest pve class (surviving bossfights wise) why should one handicap themselves even more, high end raids will do alot of aoe attacks and lightning will simply not be able to pewpew since getting hit once means you're ****** for the next 5 seconds at least. as for the whole shadow simple mode thing, yes it does alot of damage, and it would be the best dps you could ever hope to guess since it does the ruthm perfectly, except the simple mode macro is set to hold rmb during killing intent, this alone lowers an aransu 3 sin's dps by about 30k (speaking from my own experience) which is a good thing, I don't wanna become a rightclick bot
  5. the whole forum is useless. but I suppose we can discuss things
  6. some skill does matter, I got nr. 30 sin in beluga last season with 5 beluga shield and 3 raven, using ascendant stage 4 and no pvp accessories. I was obviously called out of "macro" and "hacks" and whatnot and I had to use some pretty scummy strats like bgs version of timeout sin, I'd defend our statue from 3 enemies by simply relying on the ***arded summoner on their team to hit into my decoy whenever stealth ends. granted not all classes can do this,, but all classes can bait out the biggest whale on the enemy team, 1v1 him, stunlock him and effectively make the match a 5v5. that'll get you somewhere usually. I did a check on the current top sins in bg, all of the top bg sins that did not have minetoss speced were either in pve spec or 1600+ in arena 1v1... kinda says something doesn't it?
  7. Returning player - cerulean faction

    if you're good enough crimson folks are all food. if you're good enough at pvp (gold in 1v1) you can wipe the floor with most people ow, even the whales. I'm ceru and I do this mainly just to farm salt, I have a folder full of crimsons being salty and tilted after losing badly to the storyline sin. nonetheless I seem to be the only one doing this, granted all the crimsons in ssp knows me, some hate me, some have no real opinion, and I'm friends with some. for me it's a hobby, but you don't really earn much except respect from those who recognize your above average pvp skills. I play on the EU server, Jinsoyun.
  8. Tanking needs to be addressed

    actually it's me tanking, I just didn't wanna sound too full of myself. as for profiting from tanking... it would make for aggros wars, even if the people speaking threat can't tank the boss they still want that pts
  9. Tanking needs to be addressed

    if you don't wanna tank, don't be whale, easy as that, and as for the lack of tanks, just learn how to tank yourself it's not hard, I've got a sin tanking raven each week, and I know he could do it with any other class aswell
  10. Dark Build Help

    you can swap, up untill you can rmb+f you can just lmb rmb ani cancel or lmb rmb f spam. though tiger bracelet is better these days
  11. use your tab as a cc, all tabs in this game appart from warlock and summoner can be used as a cc, follow that cc up with your own stunlock and you'll get further.
  12. VT Vortex Temple join this xD
  13. change the "PvP" to "GvG"

    ever heard of stunlocks? or keeping track of tab escapes? though I suppose the team with more geared fire gunners wins 90% of the time :^)
  14. Not turning around during daze?

    I believe you can turn off skill animations, it will make it so your screen won't have to turn around or even teleport when you use an abillity, you keep same camera distance from your character no matter what, ever noticed how some pvp vods for assassins shows them not getting the airial animation or the bolt strike animation? I believe the setting for skill animation is somewhere among the camera settings but don't quote me on that. I'm not sure if this will help at all, but it might. I also know there's a high ranked assassin called 2F Bugg. so yeah... I think it's here to stay xD
  15. PVE gear in favour of lightning.

    Lightning is more dps, but dps is far from everything, Shadow sin is way more usefull in high end content like vt/sk, since we usually use Holy fire soul badge etc we can supply a ton of bluebuffs to our party, not to mention that we have burst, unlike light sin. in SK, we go in, burst for 400k/sec and then we go do mechs, light sin goes in, bursts for 300k/sec and then goes and does mechs. another problem light sin faces is their inabillity to tank anything that has truesight, I am a main tank for my bt group on my assassin, and I keep pizza stable while doing ~80% of my max dps. basides, alot of bosses has frequent aoe attacks which will just swatt the light sins out fo stealth and maybe knock them back or something. bottomline; if the stars alligne light sin does way more dmg, but they are less usefull for the team and way more risky when it comes to aoe heavy bosses.
  16. [Sugestion] Duel on open World

    would be sweet tbh, now adays few people acually own bamboo/blackram for some reason, those used to be a mainstay in peoples inventory but not anymore. I usually duel a friend while waiting for people to gather for a raid or something
  17. Are you enjoying 6v6?

    get dragon bracelet and pray they don't have ascendant :^) the evasion nerf sucked though. Battleground is basically just more pve for sins.
  18. Raven-->Exalted or wait for Aransu?

    go raven 9 and wait for aransu, find a raid Group already, there is a raid recruitment server on discord.
  19. i'm gonna leaving the game

    youre forgetting that third boss also drops accs, there are 12 accs total, divided on 3 bosses, that's 4 accs on each, 2 rings and 2 earrings, the chances of seeing at least one fire accessory in a 1-2 should be 1/4 +1/4 chance. though I do agree, this guy is acting dumb, I've done 3 runs and no shadow accs so far, aint complaining, after all I got tiger bracelet for 3 copper, I mean comon, gearing up is easyer than ever.
  20. helping newer players gear up quicker can only create problems, it'll be just like it is in bt these days, you try and run it and you wipe to first boss because you have 5 gunners with bale 9 just pewpewing, they may have the required gear to clear it but all that gear have been given to them for free from storyline and nerfed dungeons. Imo, the more you remove the requirement of doing mechanics properly the worse of the community will be in the end, I understand the need to make sure everone enjoys the game, but it really isn't enjoyable if it isn't a challenge at any Point, and if the difficulty level just suddenly spikes once you get to vt/sk then people wont be happy. You can already see the effects of NcWests nerfs to dungeons, if FAS/Snowjade was realeased 1 year ago, (with the proper scaling of the healthbars etc.) they would be concidered really easy and there would be few wipes, todays players have never had to knock down Bukka in EC or block orbs in soguns lament, nor do they have any idea of how yeti mechs works, therefor it's became a nightmare to try and clear some of the bosses in FAS/Snowjade with a pug party. bottom line; imo rewards from normal mode should be nerfed and rewards from hard mode should be buffed.
  21. lowbie farm

    Can we please do somethinig about the "blood dragon" (killing people) achivement, all the not so skilled people loves to farm low level people so they can get their 10.000 kills achivement, they tend to hang around in "foshi pyres" which is the first real place low levels come to with their new shiny faction uniform, just to be greeted by a raven geared level 55 person looking to get his title. Aren't achivements supposed to be achived... and not farmed in such a mannor, maybe put some kind of level cap like "you don't get anything for you achivement by killing something below 50 when you're above 50" because what these people are doing is just wrong, I tend to fight them and they don't seem to have any knowledge of how pvp acually works, they're just washed up pvers who wanna be able to flash their 10.000 kills achivement. Honestly it just sickens me that these people feel good about themselves, feel like they've achived something greate, I would trash talk them even here on the forums but I think it goes without saying that these people are not good at the game seeing as they're resorting to this. I know this is "strongly worded" but come on, Achivements are supposed to be achived... I am not going to state the names of these people to avoid a wich hunt. But if you're a part of the small ow pvp Community I'm sure you know at least a few of the names (basically anyone you can beat that has a blood dragon title)
  22. lowbie farm

    It's this guy, I censored his name because as I said, I want to avoid a witch hunt, even if this guy deserves it, note that he has ull beluga and ascendant. I leveled my alt up to Raven 1 and then beat his ass into a bloody pulp... untill he decided to ult away that is. tfw cucked by Lucent accessory raven 1 sin, tfw I beat him with pre scaleburn dagger, just wasn't able to kill him in one combo... so he just healed it all up. with raven 1 I can deal about 70% of his hp in one combo, which he doesn't have time to heal up untill I start a new combo
  23. Valentine event, my personal feedback

    I was hoping for a pvp event... this was not it