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  1. I don't remember saying that you have to pvp to be good at pve, and I don't remember saying that all pve only people are trash, but to me it's painfully obvious there's a difference between the average pve player and the average pve+pvp player. As I said, which you may have missed, I've been leading raids and dungeons for over a year now. I've been running bt since crossing was a thing on third boss, the party composition has changed drastically over the last year mainly due to people quitting the game etc. so I've had to recruit new players. When I'm sent a bnstree link I always take note of what their 1v1 rating is, the people who have actually won some games have (aprox) 95/100 times been worth keeping in the raid due to excellent performance. On the other hand the people whom have been below 1400 have had a much higher chance of being kicked due to poor performance. after recruiting new people and basically replacing everyone the people we ended up keeping for an optimized sell raid were: 3 people gold+ each season, 1 guy who was hovering in silver and 4 people who didn't do pvp at all. what we'd do when recruiting someone was we let him come one week, if he was good we kept him, if he wasn't preforming well we kicked him. Considering the amount of people who does arena pvp compared to the amount of people who doesn't how we ended up with half a team of people that did both pvp and pve kinda says something, at least in my opinion. same thing has happened now on later days with vt. pvp population has gone down even more since bt days but we're currently 4 pvpers and 7 pvers. I know you're gonna disagree and I'm awaiting an angry response, I'm guessing it is because you don't pvp either but you still consider yourself above average in pve, which is totally possible and not that unlikely as I don't usually see the average f8 pug use the forums. My reasoning behind why the pvp+pve players might be better which you quoted me at is simply speculation, I don't know why the average pvp+pve player seem to be better than those who only pve, I just know that numbers don't usually lie, not on that scale.
  2. Class Change Vouchers!

    also all these people using macros in bg should get banned already. we all know that chaining 2 stuns and weaving in some attacks in between is inhuman. also all this fashion that's supposed to be hard to attain... we should just get that for free
  3. launching game not launching

    check the task manager andd ssee if any bns related tasks are frozen (as in the cpu, memory, disk usage not fluxuating) I guess restart the pc and try again, if it still doesn't work contact support
  4. launching game not launching

    after clicking play game, dont interfere with any bns related windows, dont close anything nothin' like that. the game takes a while to launch. if it has yet to start after 10-15 minutes there's an issue
  5. aascendant weapons and up are really good in toi, but only use them if they're not too much worse compared to your pve weapon. apart from that it all depends on matchup, the idea is you stunlock and burst heavy and then wait for cooldowns and do the same again while trying not to die... im unsure if the "pvp" stats are applied in toi but all the others are relevant. the best stat to infuse your soulshields with would be piercing as defense wont do you much good, the only real struggle you'll have in toi is the timer running low.
  6. l2p and you get rewarded, the best system tbh.
  7. Boss AOE indicator not showing

    then I really dont know what might be causing it,, I recommend you contact support about it.
  8. New Player Gear question here's a link to a discord server, they'll gladly answer any question you have, please do make sure that it's not already been answered already among the pinned messages.
  9. here's a guide: if the problem remains contact support.
  10. he used guardian tempest, it's a 5 hit iframing ability that lasts 5 seconds and restores 10% of your hp (15% with the hm version) once the timer at the top of the screen gets to zero the match will stop and whoever *dealt most damage* wins, which means healing wont help much if the games goes long. anyways, by the way you're playing the matchup I assume you dont know much about bds and therefor probably not about too many other classes either, I recommend learning how other classes work as well as how your own is best played in the arena if you want to get better at pvp.
  11. you're free to disagree of course, im gonna keep trusting the numbers which I've gathered but who knows, perhaps it's coinsidence. yes non target aoes are a good way to deal with sins, however they don't have to be defence piercing. sins can only use decoy which is their only blocking move while out of stealth.
  12. Class Selection Assistance Required

    first of all, 75-125 ms is perfectly fine, you wont get anything better. secondly, animation canceling is really just something that happens if you press your buttons in a specific way, in bns most classes have animation cancels but it's all in a rythm, if for example you're playing earth summoner if you keep pressing lmbrmblmbrmb as quick as possible the lmb animation will be slightly canceled, you may have noticed, it's nothing complicated, every class has their own rythm so to speak. the only class that does alot of animation cancels that take longer to learn would be kfm and perhaps shadow warlock. you say you want a fast class, with reactive gameplay and preferably melee, truth is all melee classes are constantly reacting to aoe attacks cast by bosses etc. most bosses have some melee range 360 degree spins or whatever. if you want even more reactive gameplay I suppose you could tank the boss, that way you'd have to react to all animations preformed by the boss. I recommend: bm (pretty good defence, tank class, melee, fairly agile with many hits per second) fire kfm (excellent defence, tank class, melee, not that agile, a fair amount of hits per second) wind kfm (fire kfm but more ani canceling and a harder dps rythm to follow) Sin (highly agile, forced to react alot due a weak defencive arsenal, alot of cc, 3 viable builds across both elements (usually it's just 2 if even that)) do keep in mind that if you wish to tank, any class can spec aggro and tank, but bm and kfm are known as the best tanks, however I enjoy tanking on Sin and bd aswell. Honestly, the differance between melee classes isn't that high, it mainly lies in the rythm of your dps rotation, what skills you have that can benefit a party and how easy it is to uphold the dps rythm. I tried not to be bias and tell you to play sin right away because that's my main class :)
  13. PvP Rewards

    arena is a niche hobby kind of, you dont need any gear to play it, and when it comes to bg... that's pve territory. though yes, rewards should be increased for pvp content.
  14. Early game disappointment

    yeah... soryline used to be engaging and you used to actually do things like level the hm weapon etc. now you spam the f key and oneshot mobs and "bosses" it's mainly just a loadingscreen simulator. (spoiler alert) I remember the thrill I got when fighting jinsoyun at the sky altar, that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ was engaging.
  15. Boss AOE indicator not showing

    there's a setting for it in combat info, I turned it off long ago because I feel like it makes me a better player if I cannot see them, anyways if you want them back go to "combat info"
  16. if you actually pay attention to how people preform it is fairly clear, people who do arena and are at a decent level will generally know the in and outs of their class as well as other classes. Apart from that they will also usually have the mechanical skill which the people holding rightclick in dungeons is not as likely to have. pvp also requires working internet and pc which lowers the risk of dcs. yes, sin decoy is 360 degrees and on an 8 second dc, but it doesn't break freeze, if you manage to freeze them with 3 or ss and they use decoy, wait it out and then use 3/ss to apply the full 3 stacks and go back to freezing them with rmb. I'm not talking only about toi, I will admit im a bit unfair in my judgement of people in this game, but that's because I'm talking from experience. (see above) though I do have alot of friends who only do pve and are good at it, they are faaar from average skill level in pve. for example I had a look around the other day among the middle class sins in bg, around 1450-1500 the ones with full msp shiled were almost always 1300 in arena, the ones with full beluga and landmine speced were 7/10 times also 1450+ in arena as well.
  17. that's the main issue, back in the day they'd at least ask, these days it's almost like they expect to get carried. honestly, my dream for this game right now would be to add another mode to every dungeon, including those that ncsoft are simply throwing under the carpet. this game mode would be dedicated only to catch up, so dropping things like raven shields, gems, some gold of course. hard mode should still be more rewarding if you can gather a party that can clear it. as for the difficulty I would love to see some old mechanics brought back to life, the otherday I relived the old solo yeti days by finding the perfect amount of gear that woul allow me to clear, but only if I iframed 8 times in a row insted of picking up flowers or killing mushrooms, I had a blast, even though I died about 5 times and was not rewarded whatsoever for my trouble. on that note, I think the best event I ever played was the "realmrift supply chain" people said the bosses were stupidly over powered and didn't allow for a lot of slip ups. which is exactly what I liked about it, check out the asura fight I embeded. these days the only way you'll have heavily punishing 10 minute fight with heavy emphasis on both survival and mechanics is if you're doing the latest raids, which you can only do once a week!
  18. never said im not disspleased with the current state of things, I love helping people and used to do so alot, but now there's just something with their attitude I cannot stand. none the less, I don't see them as a lower caste of society, I'm simply annoyed at ncsoft for making sure getting carried is the norm in f8 for lower level characters. as for your first statement, there's no denying people with more playtime tend to be more experience, not only because they've played the game for a longer time but because the game used to be more of a challenge for everyone.
  19. 2018 Camera Turn Problem

    the only reason for this that I can think of could be that you have a second monitor at the left side of your screen, I get some issues with that sometimes if I try to move my screen to quickly. apart from that I really don't see that could be causing this....
  20. Ranged attacks

    would you not go for the glass cannons on the enemies back line if given a chance in any other game?
  21. Don't you think others have a skill or two that are completely useless in pve? ever tried using blitz as a bd to great effect in pve? or assassins bolt strike? or summoners... sorry dont play the class but im sure there's somehting, even in their 4 skill arsenal what about soul fighters 2 skill? (the push) perhaps the bm could get some use for all their flock abilities now that we're apparently buffing gunners perhaps kfm could get to use their rightclick dash for something...? or make use of tripplekick in pve?
  22. KFM BB comet strike reset bug

    I experience the same bs from time to time, soulsep seems to be a foolproof way of making your skyrift badge useless, but it does happen on other ocations as well
  23. all classes have inhuman bs going on, the npc blade dancers above floor 80 will do things such as cancel their spin with something like an lmb before spinning again as soon as you try to hit them with something while their spin is in the "non deflective" part. I never see sins doing anything too stupidly inhuman but I also happen to have a very easy time beating them, being a sin myself. I talked to some friends with different classes and decent skill in one on one combat and they all seem to have their own opinion on what is op and not in toi, my conclusion is that toi AI works differently depending on matchup. as for the fact that you match against sin more often, I have not had a run without at least 2 fms/bds in the last 50 tickets easily. I suppose there may be some balancing going into that as to not let burst classes dominate the leaderboards. and for the unfair things fms/bds do to sins as stated above bd sometimes cancels their spin just to re-spin frames later. a move that would just be foolish if attempted in a human vs human match. apart from that, they will always, without fail, ss our tab swap which is one of the two skills capable of dealing with their spin in a fairly reliable way. as for fms they're just a terrible matchup by nature to us, doesn't help that the toi bots seem to reset their tab escapes whenever they feel like it... my tip for you would be to fight some decent fms as sin to see what they do to counter you. the only way we can deal with your freeze is to use our shunpoo, the E ability which has a fairly high cooldown. I'm sorry but the first thing I see when checking your profile is that you're 1300 bronze while I do understand some people dont enjoy arena I have a hard time trusting anyone at 1300 1v1 with anything, it's the first thing I check when recruiting people for vt runs etc.
  24. honestly.... the pugs of 2018 wouldn't have lasted a second back in 2016 soguns lament etc. help have been given to newer players for so damn long now, ever wondered why all the alt gunners are bale 9? that's because the storyline carried them there. ever tried getting a destiny ring before going for a bt one? of course not, why do that when you can just get carried. ever properly farmed nf/dt for the accs and set effect? of course not, you get free draken cores from storyline side quests, you just have to get carried. ever bothered to level the nf/dt accs above stage 3? na you'll soon exchange them for better ones. did you try recruiting people just like you with great success? of course not, because people with storyline gear are garbage at the game and have not been properly introduced to "mechanics" and strategies for each and every dungeon, when you searched for a party 1 and a half year ago anyone daring to join the party obviously knew mechanics. now us more experienced players has to run further than 16m away to get a mark or what not, because that's where the storyline cripple and his wheelchair have taken up residence. waiting for your butthurt quotes, go right ahead.