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  1. because how many raven 3 solak players are there? it's not like there's an infinite supply of storyline people looking to do dungeons, & no one above raven 3 will join a raven 3 for rt/st there's just no trust.
  2. So are you just ignoring this?

    No, but players shouldn't be allowed to move before the other player is ready. even the minecraft ffa games I played as a kid managed to make it fair with a hunger games style face off before the barriers are lifted simultaneously.
  3. So are you just ignoring this?

    while ping is an issue as long as you're between 100 & 150 ping or below that you should have as good a chance as anyone else playing your class, the real ping wall comes when you want to go higher, maybe around 1700-1800 rating. the thing with people engaging on you before you even load in is an issue due to gunners/assassins having quick long range forward dashes that can be ani-canceled with a cc. atm I recommend either iframing right when you load in the second round or just take it & outplay them. if they're cheesing like that they're most likely higher than they should be, you can legit find pve gunner whales in 1800 with no idea what a tech chase is.
  4. I'm enjoying being a brainless rightclick tower, but since some people don't own oil fields or doesn't unplug their granny for gear their gear is pretty low & this annoys me because they apparently want to play the game too, I don't like this, only awakened grand hongmoon starbreaker dragon oath weapon stage 9+ people should be able to join my party. When I kick them they rejoin my lobby even though they're only hm 18 & it's stopping all the oil princes from joining my party, please add a ban feature. storyline gear is enough for everything up to ssm/hh, raven 3 + solak accs is enough for rt/st. though I agree the average players skill level is down the gutter compared to 2 years ago, this applies to all players not only storyline players.
  5. some idiot reporting me for leeching

    don't leech & you wont be reported/punished for leeching
  6. Please fix Hive Queen Asap

  7. isn't shadow destro just straight up simple mode in itself?
  8. Warden is over powered pretty much everywhere, Destro not so much. Though I would agree Destro is a bit dumb in 6v6, the reason they're top in the toi leaderboards is beacuse of burst damage, this is why the only thing that matters for your season rewards is class rank. as for arena, warden is op & free plat for a lot of players, destro is top simply because few players who main destro have many alts & the energy to rank up on all of them. I wouldn't say destro is that strong in 1v1, probably top 5 but certainly not top 2.

    Wait so you want to remove open world pvp? and this will make players stay? if you don't want to get ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on by someone 10x better than you I recommend not wearing the faction oufit, and don't say "oh but I neet to wear it to do the quest" it's a pvp zone and you were never ment to be able to do any of the faction zone content without running the risk of getting into a fight with other players. there's plenty of pve content for you guys to practice your lmbrmblmbrmblmbrmb. and what exactly are the PKers looking to remove from the game? the blue quests? why would we want that? there's alot of people doing battleground, 1v1 & 3v3 it just so happens that the crimson hivemind in ssp aren't those people, still, they came to a pvp/pve mixed zone & are expecting pve only? PKers are not an issue you just have to git gud or go do your pve elswhere.
  10. I can’t find Assassin skill x3

    there it is, works in lightning build too
  11. tfw op is a fm complaining about brainded classes in the bg section
  12. Sin ~ Holy fire soul badge??

    with the new bracelet coming out it's best to start with tiger bracelet glory badge and skyrift mystic badge, later evolving into starbreaker bracelet ancestral soul badge and aransu mystic badge
  13. Need advice

    rf canceling is still harder than nay other classes rotation imo, except maybe earth des or smthing
  14. Need advice

    play whatever you think you'll enjoy. kfm takes a long time to master, the rest are very simple.
  15. Tiger/Divine Dragon bracelet chest

    Achivement merchant @ merchant square also sells it.
  16. EC Bracelet 10000000 RUNS 0 DROP

    alot of people face this issue, I think I got it on my 5th try, 26 is just bad rng
  17. Bm pvp

    Assassin: Don't give them free stealth, perma block while they're in stealth, if they get close use knockback V, if they ss in stealth it means they will soon teleport behind you and stun you, this is when you ss too and preemptively use anklebiter, or block behind you, if they're in stealth and doesn't get close or ss they will most likely appear behind you out of stealth just to slam the ground half a second later, stunning you, this is blockable if you turn around quick enough, or you can use tab daze, V knockback or anklebiter to catch them within that 0,5 second window. Blade Dancer: their only way to burst you down quick is with lightning draw, only use tab escape when they use this skill, it has the same cooldown as your tab escape. when spinning they are immune to stuns and dazes, but nothing else, use Z pull, knockdowns or knockback to handle them. also iframe their soaring falcon as it pierces defense and gives them a ton of focus recovery and lets them start a combo on you easily. Try to keep distance from the bd, they have a defence piercing pull that dazes you, it's got an 8m range and it's their only way to catch you except for their grab, defence break -> quick engage and soaring falcon. also if they use drain on you while you're grabbed and then airial you, if they end the airial with aa lightning draw tab instantly, drain disables your groundd counter and they will almost always be ready to tech chase your f roll. Kung fu master: don't hit into their counter, it gives them free iframes, if they get close they will use a strafing ability that gives them a very long iframe, if you hit into this iframe it gives them a higher chance to evade future abilities from you. keep your distance and always block, while blocking however, spam your e/q, if they use their jump which aerials you and pierces defense their hitbox is right next to you while they're in the jump animation and you can strafe on them while they're mid-jump. when stunlocked by a kfm, wait until they use their seering palm and trigger all 8 hits before you tab escape. if they ss while you're in the air they're either going to ground game you with their tiger pounce (kd dash) or jump and aerial you, best thing to do if they ss while you're falling down is to do nothing, if they start their jump animation f roll, if they tiger pounce, mind game them with get up attack or ground counter. Force Master: This is a tricky matchup, force masters have 2 tab escapes and lot of immunity, you generally wanna kill these guys slowly, don't rely on a full stunlock to ever work against them. their grab reaches very far and enables their combo pretty much guaranteed, when you get grabbed instantly press 2, if nothing happens use your V to get out of it. while using your block against a force master they will either try to grab you or use a defense disabling skill on you, be ready to counter both, the defense disable does nothing if you're not currently blocking, or if you iframe it. Destroyer: similar to BD. Has two tab escapes if they spec it if they are standing on burning ground it means they are immune to all ccs, if you try to pull them with your z they will be pulled but not stunned (unless you time it perfectly) best thing to do is to keep your distance above 16m and wait it out. they have one way to engage on you from far away while you're perma blocking and that way can be counters by simply spamming e/q while blocking, it's a jump similar to kfms tab jump except it dazes instead. if they get close however they can either grab you or knock you back with red spin. their grab only works on stunned/dazed targets or on targets that are using blocks. they also have a block which they can remove at any time in order to get 5 second immunity, a lower cool-down version of this immunity requires you to hit them within ~3 seconds after they break their shield, this is the one they usually spec. Summoner: This is a matchup you will learn with time. you can either opt to burst their cat while you have your immunity (block + F) or you can opt to simply outplay them, waste their tab and then pull them and kill them, they are very squishy. If they shout a battlecry and put a flower on you they are most likely going to disable your defense, the defense disable is an aoe they put on the ground which keeps disabling your defense for 1 second while you're standing in it. this skill can only be used on targets with the flower or after you trigger their stealth. also use the projectile protecting skill which your V enables, forget which key it's on, while this is active the only thing they can do to stop you killing their cat is their 2, which is a linear skillshot that can knock you down, it looks like two roots in the ground. if they have used this they cannot do anything to stop you from killing their cat if you're properly stunlocking the cat since that is the only non cat hard cc they have. note that cat can grapple you while you're ccd or while you're blocking, watch out for that. Warlock: don't hit into their block, it's like your block but better. if their thrall creates a yellow aura around it take distance and wait for it to be over, if the wl stands in that skill most of their cooldowns will be refreshed including their escape and all their ccs. Their thrall can dash to you from a distance greater than 16m and stun you, you're not safe even if you're far away. the only thing they can realistically do that can pierce your block is their leech which they can only use if you're "branded" branded is applied by their "wingstorm" which is those 3 projectile thingies that they cannot control the timing of. bursting thrall is usually not a viable option, you just have to live with him being there, you cannot cc the thrall either. warlocks will only ever kill you through aerials. I believe your projectile protection shroud follow you into the air so if you have that active, don't use your tab. if they put a yellow chain circle on the ground they are either immune to stuns, knockdowns and dazes or they're untargetable, determine which one they spec first time they use it and counter accordingly. last time I check none of them makes them immune to knockback so that can work, and if they're untargetable you can also use knockback, don't use anklebiter though since they cn still use their frontal block while in this shround, another viable strat is to take distance and wait the shroud out the shrouds cooldown will not be reset with time distortion (the yellow aura around thrall). Soul fighter: soul fighters only have one skill that can deal with your perma block from range, which they can only use if they're in melee stance, they will dash to you and daze/kd you. with good ping you can perma block and spam e/q and you will strafe while they're in the animation of that skill. when they're close however they have 2 more skills, both aoes around them. one can stun/knockback/knockdown, the other one dazes. The appropriate time to use your tab escape against a soul fighter is right when they use frost storm/king fist. you can tell when they are going to use it because the skill that enables it makes a very distinct noise. apart from their frost storm/king fist soul fighters will generally rely on aerials to kill you, once again projectile protection helps a lot. They will use an hp buff which puts their max hp at 69k and lets them tank a lot of damage for a while, unless you think the game will go long it's a bad idea to start a combo when they use this, unless you're comfortable you can deal 69k in one combo. Gunner: This matchup probably doesn't require an explanation. one trick they will often use is they will stun you instantly when you load into the game, therefor you want to start the match off by using block. constantly keep track of the amount of wires they have (you can see the icon under their healthbar). If they use tombstone it's time to either use your immunity or engage on them, but tombstone gives them immunity for 1.5-2 seconds I think, forgot the duration. once again projectile protection is good to have in this matchup. everything else is up to you, if you really are dedicated to learning how to pvp I recommend playing some of the classes you struggle against to see what they do, also learn what a tech chase is and how your class can preform them. also learn how your class's 100-0 stunlock combo works. I may have missed some stuff, and perhaps some facts and outdated, I don't actually play all classes but most of it should be up to date and accurate.
  18. highest burst class in arena (if they're using traditional pvp specs) is bm, gunner, wind sum and maybe wl (1 aerial 80% can be considered burst even if the aerial is long) I suppose bd also does a ton of damage in ~5-6 seconds but sin really doesn't kill you that quick, takes a while, unless they use bb in which case you should capitalize on that. as for the iframe part bd has some of the longest immunity skills there are, but they only have 1 way of bursting you which is lightning draw, and that skill has the same cooldown as your tab escape. but sin doesn't have a lot of iframes, they can sacrifice a mayor combo enabler for a 2-3 second iframe, and then they have a 2 second block and 2 backstep skills (except one takes you forward) apart from that the only real thing would be smoke screen but that's only for projectiles. Sin is hard to play against because you have to know what they actually do, they will punish you even harder than other classes if you make a mistake.
  19. Early game disappointment

    I had a whale of a time with asura 4 man, yeti 4 man, ec 6 man, nf 6 man, those were the days when each boss fight could last 10 minutes and you'd actually need to do mechanics, though it is true that troves etc are kind of messing things up.
  20. Classes

    try whatever looks most fun, or search up game-play videos for different classes. First of all pick between ranged and melee classes, that makes all the difference game-play wise, melee classes needs to always be aware of the bosses rotation and their own, ranged classes can lock the wheels on their wheelchair at 16m away from the boss and start their dps macro. if melee: decide if you wish to tank or not, the two classes that has the easiest time holding aggro is Blade master and Kung fu master. but all melee classes can tank, ranged too but it's a little harder and people wont let you tank that often. if ranged: congratulations now go out there and hold down that right-click button.
  21. yeah, the high geared people these days have no patience, if someone told me "can I join? it'll be my first run but I've read up on mechanics" I'd praise him for at least trying and definitely let him join if he had the gear to carry his own weight. my definition of "carry his own weight" is: their dps * bosses enrage timer in seconds should = 16.6% of the bosses hp. so that 6 people with his dps would be barely able to clear it.
  22. Glad to see that you're not gonna be mad about it. As I said I'm not sure what it is that makes the average pvp+pve player I meet better than the average pve only player I meet. I'm guessing it's: knowledge of their class and other classes, practice in quick thinking and reflexes, practice in recognizing the targets animations and reacting accordingly and the willingness to put time into the game in order to get better at it. imo I've already made the experiment, I have no hard numbers to present and I'm simply working from memory and old discord dms, but that's enough for me to draw my conclusion; it's safer to trust someone willing to put time an effort into arena 1v1 enough to get good at it, than it is to trust those that don't. (with preforming well in pve) however further experiments can of course be conducted. (also my own clan mates seem to be way better than the average pug... not sure why that is but it seems to be the same for you)
  23. launching game not launching

    glad to hear, bring honor to the hongmoon school
  24. you could host the parties yourself, works as well, I know requirements for basically anything is about 100 ap too high, but giving nm merchant wouldn't make people run more hm, it would make people multirun nm for the merchant. ncwest are aiming towards making hm worth while, that's the only way you're gonna have people running hm, and your reaction is what they want as well, they want the average player to be interested in hm as well.