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  1. Guys dont waste your time on this greedy company the game will not survive this year they are even milking the whales right know cause of the lose of player due to the disappointing result from UE4 "THEY DONT CARE". But for real just play something worth your time this game just isnt worth to waste any time on it :D
  2. Thank you for helping me decide, i guess i will go easy with serpent for now
  3. Wie im titel steht wollte ich gerne wissen welcher spec vom assa momentan besser im pve performt, würde mich über eine schnelle antwort freuen. Selbes thema mit dem Warden kann mich einfach nicht entscheiden...^^
  4. Which Assassin spec is now better for pve content, i like both playstyles but i'd like to know which one performs better. I would appreciate if someone could give me a answere for the Warden too i just struggle in generel to decide which spec i wanna play im kinda helpless in that regard xD
  5. What would you suggest Baleful or Seraph?
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