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  1. uughh, thank you thank you omg, i was this close to getting utterly frustrated :')
  2. idk, I hope they fix that soon. it's gotten tiring since all of my xp charms, keys, and hm store bought items can't be interacted with ughh
  3. So, the update reset everything, from my spec'd skills, to UI theme etc. I've got some items in my inbox that I'd like to transfer to my inventory and I can't right-click like I usually do to unlock them and then transfer them to my inventory. I don't know what's up with that? I can't click on the items at all, can't check the little box either, the one that checks all the items at once and you just click on Receive Items to get them. Anyone else having this problem right after the update? Did it perhaps reset the button you have to press to retrieve the items, or what?
  4. At the moment, I am in ACT IV, Evil Never Rests, where I fight alongside Dochun and a guard in Lumang's dungeon. I get past the first two doors fine when I hit them and they break, but as soon as I enter the room where I save Dochun, I cannot interact with the third door, even if I've killed all enemies, and the yellow quest arrow is right at the next room I can't get to. Dochun just stands idle in the middle of the room, and I can't talk to him either. The rest of the rooms are empty, save for the first one that are a bunch of non-interactive NPCs fighting each other. This is the first time i
  5. I just realized it wasn't a bug and that the story ends there so far (': silly me! Sorry for this randomness lmao
  6. I've completed Chapter 20: Restorations, which from it I received various items like my first set of Solak gloves and belt. I spoke to Bunyang to further my Quest after a short cutscene, and Chapter 1: Unanswered Questions quest came up. Problem is, it's shown that it's already completed, and when I try clicking on the quest to see where I should go to receive my rewards, it leads me to nothing. Nothing shows on the map, and the quest doesn't tell me what to do other than showing my last conversation with Bunyang. Anyone else had this problem? And what do I do to fix this? On the Q
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