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  1. Locked Mechanizer Weapon Chest

    You can use the ones from the F5 marketplace or craft the tradable ones and use those. But not the hongmoon keys which are account bound
  2. This is a suggestion/discussion post for the Devs. I just found out through a ticket that you cannot use the crafted hongmoon brilliant keys to open the mechanizer weapon chest. That seems like a odd, as that defeats the entire purpose of being able to craft your own keys. You can craft tradable keys, but they are way more expensive than the account bound ones. Why would anyone bother to craft account bound keys if you can't use them. Not sure at what point you can't use the account bound one, but it seems odd to me.
  3. Dark Vicar SS

    Not a huge deal, but the dark vicar soul shields from the Ebondrake Lair, I couldn't salvage them. There was no option to salvage, only chat link.