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  1. The Legendary Jewels and Legendary Elements are RNG. If you copy the whole table and paste it into Microsoft Word, you will see that the only guaranteed is the Hearty Party Flavour. Rest is all RNG. They should improve on how they present their news.
  2. Dear NCsoft, Please add RT and ST boss training in Hongmoon Training Room so we can learn the attack rotation. Thank you.
  3. Dear NCsoft/developer, 2nd Anniversary Event is supposed to be celebrated together with all the member of blade and soul. Most of the players, who have limited time playing BnS, are taking advantage of in-game event to get the item they want in a relatively short period of time. Realmrift SC was supposed to be a fun and easy for them to make through and get the comb. But, NCsoft/developer, what you do, you are taking the advice of some players who complain the previous Vipercap (mushroom) event was way too easy to farm and they looking forward a harder dungeon in the next event. And you are making this Realmrift SC way more harder than Hollow Heart. Yes, there is no denying that doing mech is important, but that does not apply in event dungeon. It was supposed to be fun, easy, and "farm"able for everyone. Moreover, the Poharan boss mech has broken. If you are making this dungeon so hard, you might as well, fixed it as a daily dungeon, not an event dungeon, named it as "Awakened Blackram Supply Chain". New player already having hard time to learn Hollow Heart, please don't make this level 45 dungeon like everyone has to suffer through. Event dungeon are supposed to be fun for everyone in this 2nd Anniversary, not a nightmare. Thank you for seeing this. Although I am not sure whether you are seeing this or not. Please do something about it.
  4. First, I had already clearly known that, BT is a high-level raid as I mentioned in my first sentences. That said, I preferred high level AP and the people who know the mech to do the raid, as in other purple dungeons. I am very frustrated when low level AP or player who don’t know mech, mess up EC, DT, NS, or NF run, etc…. I am also working hard to reach the required AP now, to be offered a spot. Known that, I am not some low-level AP player or someone who don’t know mech, who whining here because I am not allowed to join or get kicked. For Liene, some people do try it. I had tried it, that’s why I making this suggestion based on what I saw and observed. No clan people, just find a clan, as simple as that? Finding a high-level clan is difficult already, not to mention those clan is full with 80/80, not even mention that clan even do BT raid, not even mention that even the clan do BT raid, they have already a fixed player and timing to do. This dungeon is not as scary as I think, I know, I had tried it. Scary is not the part, time consuming is the part. I am working class, not some students or children who can sit in front of computer 24/7. My allocated time for this game is barely 3 hours per day. I am not from NA. Every Wednesday maintenance I had lost 1 day of gaming. Yes, you can say I have Saturday and Sunday, which I have to tend to my family, and my wife. Sitting in the PC for 3 - 4 hours learning BT mech and coordination between players without AFK or BRB, is not an option for some working class or having family people. For Kimki, I had already answer your first question, which I had said “skybreak spire has been a high level….”. Second, which I also had already answered, finding a clan to do BT is hard already. So mostly player will PUG or shout at the faction, which means you have to bid for the accessory. The point system only applied to clan, not on PUG party. Your third statement, I did my first runs too with semi PUG group, we are learning the mech the first week. And I am agreeing that, we took couple of hours to learn mech, and some players are still cannot get the mech, which is fine for me. So, let’s see, you will have said: “try again the next week, I am doing like that until I get the mech”. Guess what, next week, they do it at the wrong timing for me, I can’t join at that moment. “how about the week after”, yeah…. guess what, not enough people to online, some are online but can only online for 1 hour…. So we shout at the faction, new people join, and they are learning the mech. Then the process repeats again. About your fourth statement, I know the vendor is there, what I am saying is not the SS, but the BT accessory….is hard to get. That’s is why I am making the suggestion. I am not making it for my own good, I am making this suggestion for other player who had been ready for BT all the time, but cannot find the suitable opportunity out there.
  5. I wanted to proposed this suggestion to NC soft regarding lowering the level requirement and boss overall difficulty at Skybreak Spire. Skybreak Spire has been a high level 24-man dungeon that low gear player can’t even join. While the high-geared player continues to get rich by the money which has been bid, and continue to get more and more powerful, low level player or no-clan player can’t even qualified to enter the dungeon raid. Anyone without a clan is not possible to do the raid. This has created a serious gap where the rich get richer and the powerful get more powerful, while the average player just stand and watch them. I urged and suggested that Skybreak Spire be made like Midnight Skypetal Plains or Dawn of Khandar Vihar, and we can exchange the Skybreak Spire equipment or accessory with the boss-drop item. This has given a chance to the average player who eager and intend to join the raid to get good item. I had known that the decision is not your side to be made, but I strongly suggested that you can highlighted this to the developer in Korea. This is a suggestion that is fair to everyone who is paying and playing hard for the game.