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  1. What does this mean? Selling Purple gear on the market place? Thanks so much for the reply RavTH, really helped me out! Glad to see people around on the forums who are willing to help randies like myself ^.^
  2. So ever since I returned to the game this weekend I have tried to google this and google that but it has been to little avail as most posts I could find was dated to before the recent major changes and as such I am kinda stuck. Thankfully the in-game faction chat has helped me some away but sometimes I also just simply get drowned out by people spamming that they are selling a "Name" or something else of interest / value. So with this post I was planing to ask some questions and hopefully someone here on the forums can set me back on my way. 1: Gear for my class? - My main is currently a
  3. Thanks! Suddenly it made sense - neat for me as I already had the neck and bracelet in my bank as well saved for upgrading the accessories in the "between" stages.
  4. So yesterday as I was doing The Shattered Masts for the daily I noticed that 2-3 of the party members had a conversation going - as they kept stopping mid combat to type making us almost crash into the enrage timer on all the 3 bosses I decided to ignore the conversation til the end of the dungeon and do what I could in order to finish the place. As the dungeon got done and no interesting loot popped up most people left at once and the one guy left after saying "Oh and yeah just dont waste time upgrading accessories now, it's not worth it" - I then decided to quickly whisper him to ask abou
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