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  1. so ok...we got new soul now that requers 177 oils to max (stage 7>max) and i have 500 evo stones on storage... the question is..did other regions have they`r soul upgrade costs nerfed? or its still the same like what we have? coz i rly could sell my evo stones now for about 6k gold...
  2. totaly not worth it. if u lack self heal upgrade your pet and hongmoon amethyst. pulse mystic badge is best for PVE atm coz of its big addition to your burst dmg. and why would u stack 5 chi in fm stance? its totaly useless in terms of dps...ice spec meele is much faster and much more dps.
  3. if u wanna play ranged only make yourself an FM...the whole pions of SF is the stance switchingf
  4. https://bnstree.com/tree/SF?b=BJ8soWP2e get HM rmb and HM block ASAP and u`r good
  5. hf....u see here my stats and dmg done
  6. http://imgur.com/w6RQTa0 http://imgur.com/s9rwwMM
  7. well idk about u but i hit 12k RMB at 740 ap...u sure u`r not using yeti ss or sth? oh and btw. i usually outdps most ppl with same / a bit higher ap then me in 4 man ptys
  8. well if they are able to transfer your char to a different server they should be able to atlease transfer your accessoryes to a different charecter on the same account. but they dont do it..no idea why.
  9. we`r following tw patches if im not mistaken..mean there`s still a chanse i can go true scrop>chokma?
  10. any 1 here knows the upgrade material cost for chokma stage 1 atleast? i mean...im at true scorp now...not sure if worth going bealful now and go chokma from there. or is it possible to go chokma staraight from true scorp?
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