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  1. Please tell the developer that they should properly clear loops etc. that stuck in memory in different circumstances. For example: In the Arena the fps are slowing down more and more with each round you play. After 10-15 rounds it's getting noticeable. Looks like some classes are more affected. Ice-WL and Wind-BD are very affected. In 6vs6 you see "ghost-animations" of team-members or enemies that died. In 6vs6 if you turn you camera while dead and you respawn, the camera is not set back to normal view-direction. All this things show, that loops
  2. Animations in the background (e.g. Players in 6vs6) like 150 meters away have very low fps. That was different in UE3. Is that how you gain performance?
  3. Games crashes without any notice.
  4. When you play Battleground, you will see "Ghosts" of other players standing around or even animated. You also have that in the 1vs1 Arena.
  5. 90% i get this, when i try to start the game.
  6. In 6vs6 Whirlwind Valley, when you run and jump over obstacles (fallen tree etc.) you will most likely stuck to them, even if you can jump 3-times higher. Also in dungeons etc. small edges will feel like invisible walls. I mean you can run on walls, but this little tiny edge will prevent you from stepping over it. I really recommend the developer to play their own game. I can't imagine that they don't recognize those things.
  7. When i Taskswitch out of the game and back to the game, i also have to mouseclick on the game before i get the mousefocus. That's why i have to click twice at the start of the game, when i enter my code.
  8. I open launcher start game -> Game starts loading and suddenly stops and switches back to launcher. I press start again -> Game starts and says "Disconneted". I press start again -> Now it finally works. I have to start the game always 2 times.
  9. The launcher is switching to North America for no reason. So I always have to watch the region before I click "Start game".
  10. When I use Q and E on the WL and quick turn and SS, the SS will go in the wrong direction. It looks like the fast turn is not being registered.
  11. The orientation is bugged in 6vs6, when you die on the field and look around holding camera control. When you respawn the camera orientation is still at the point where you left it while you were dead. That's an issue we already had in UE3.
  12. PVP-Arena is still slowing down after some matches. It feels like the fps are dropping more and more. As a coder myself this reminds me of loops that are not terminated correctly and accumulate more and more. My specs are Ryzen 5600x / 6600 XT / 32 GB RAM
  13. PVP-Arena still has the issue, that it feels like the fps drop more and more after some matches. A way to fix it was to get out of the lobby and back it after a short while. Another issue is the orientation is messed up when you die in 6vs6 and looking around while dead. When you respawn your orientation is not straight forward. Please just reset orientation after dead. That's a really easy short line of code.
  14. Well, my fps dropped from 120 fps in mushin to 60 fps. And there are still this ghosts standing around in pvp areas. Hard to understand why you changed the optic of the game so much while it never had been an issue, while fps was a great issue and it got even worse. I am on a 5600x / 32 GB RAM / 6600 XT down to 10 fps in mushin tower. In your UE4 stream everyone told you to show fps, but you didn't. Now we know why.
  15. I have a mid-range PC. In raids i have a lot of stuttering even with "low end pc" settings. My PC was a clean install and optimized. To me it looks like it has to do with the server synchronization. I don't have those issues with any other games. Bns has the worst bugs and performance i have ever seen. Just play pvp-Arena with wind-BD or distortion-WL. After 10-15 games it starts stuttering and you have to leave the lobby and re-enter to remove the stuttering. This bug is there since years. They don't fix it. Wind-BD is bugged anyway. You can have wind-charge and 3
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