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  1. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    I can see how this is going to go already. It's pretty much like the last two times I took a Long break from insanity. I am going to be left out, get upset, close the game and take my money and my time elsewhere. I play to relax and have fun, not get killed instantly in some hair brained idea that only has one post supporting it. You really are following in Blizzards footsteps. I have no idea why you would want to do that, but you are.
  2. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    What is with the PvP junk. I know when the game started, PvP was a big deal, but now I find very few people that actually PvP. It's Broken, messed up and down right frustrating that you keep forcing us into PvP, but the same maxed out credit Whales are the only players I face. This is one event I do not care about, which shouldn't matter as I would die instantly like normal seeing as those that have maxed out their credit cards will be the only ones in there. I am so sick of having PvP shoved down my throat with it being so messed up and broken. This is a Whale's dream.
  3. I fully agree with bringing back all the side quests. They add a flavor and depth to the game. The sad part is the devs and people making the decisions really don't care about the community, they only care about doing what every other MMO does, holding your hand until you reach level cap, then throwing you into a community that you really have never been a part of. At what point does a new player learn to work with the others in a team/party to get joint attacks and combos down now days ? I learned back starting with BRN and those lessons continued all the way up to the end game dungeons and raids. Now, no one cares that you have just soloed the entire game and are now fully expected to start queueing up for Dungeons and raids with Zero Experience working with a group that are, more often than not, quite judgmental and at times, down right hostile. The real reason I have found most new players don't stick with the game is that they get bored being pushed as hard as possible to the end game Dungeons and raids. They never get a feel for the game, a feeling for the game itself and worst of all, once they get into a few hateful parties, they feel isolated and alone. Who is going to pay to play anything that makes them feel bad. I am just different, I really don't care what anyone thinks about me because odds are, they are nothing like what they are trying to portray online to begin with. But in this age of easily hurt feelings and sensitivity, most really will never make it to the end of the story arc to start with. This is the real reason I have found, most leave the game and go on to other games that make them happy to play. The early dungeons and all the side quests really added depth to the game and allowed players a chance to meet other players and get a feel for group combat. If they just get "run" though a dungeon, the only thing they learned is that they will always be behind in the game and that's likely the worst possible thing they can feel, hopelessness.
  4. First, I am not complaining. I haven't said anything other than stating facts, a fact you have put out there for all to see in that you sell yourself for money. That is what I am saying, you may not pay money, but you do spend "money" to upgrade. I simply said that the game was still pay to win, which seems relevant to this thread seeing as it was talking about the cost of upgrading. I didn't say the game sucks, that I hate it or even that anyone could or should do something about it. I stated facts. Now, for a fact, I haven't played in teo years, there are many other MMOs that wanted my money as well. I never hated this game, but I didn't like parts of it. I am looking forward to see all the changes, but with the 12 different forum topics I have read, it clearly seems the pay to win aspect of the game is still alive and well...something that you have clearly pointed out with your response to me just now. May you always be happy and lucky, in everything.
  5. I'm sorry, the fact you can "auction" items that used to be completely bound to you might have changed, but the "pay to win" aspect hasn't changed at all. I spent over 300 U.S.D. in the game to upgrade, and it lasted exactly 5 months. Then it was literally worthless gear after that. I ran raids, dungeons and spent hours a day trying to gear back up before I gave up and just left the game. The sad part is I liked the game, but not the requirements to either grind and pray to the Gods of RNG that I got what I needed vs. someone that just wanted to be an A.Hole and keep me from getting the items needed, or spend more real money after I had already spent what a normal MMO would have costed for buying the game and paying for 18 months of game play. Yes, it's a "new issue" that has been around in one form or another for a Long Time.
  6. Ah, well I see the game is still pay to win. Nice to know nothing has changed in two years I have been away. I love the "farming" replies. This isn't a cryptic game, trying to farm BnS is like having your teeth pulled without anything for pain. Even if they fixed every issue with the old "farming" dungeons and raids, it would still take you forever to get enough to get upgraded to run the dungeons and raids you need to be running to get the gear to be ready to get the gear you really want. That isn't farming, that is pay us or give up.
  7. Well, it's nice to know that nothing has changed in two years of my being's still pay to win, just like after the first six months of being live, it went that way and hasn't seemed to change with all I have read. I left over that issue.
  8. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    This event is the worst one they have come up with IMO. I am not just disappointed, I am completely Jaded now. I look forward to when they get dethroned by some of the other games that launch this year. I am mad as you can get and still face something
  9. Realmrift WAY too hard

    I was looking foward to this event, but leave it to NCSoft to destroy dreams and dash hopes every single time that they get a chance. The Dungeon doesn't remind me of anything except the one time I walked into one to see what was behind the gate. The Bosses are way over powered, the Mobs have way to much Health and we are nerfed way to far down. Thanks again for reminding me why I stopped trusting you long ago.
  10. What bothers me about the new premium

    This is what Happens when you let Developers ran (and rule) the game. I watched it happen on WoW (remember Cata and WoD ?) and effect so many other games it's sad. This game will truly feel the launch of several new games this year and you can count on a lot of finger pointing once they don't have the numbers to support a single NA Sever. Just Remember boys and girls, as long as Devs are given the final say The game is slowly self destructing and I have no desire to watch it happen to another game I actually think has potential. I have watched so many games destroy themselves and unless they infuse this game with alot of NEW ideas, they will fall into the landfill of so many other (what could have been great) MMOs.
  11. Reason why your game failed in the West

    I suppose I fall into a different group. I could care less about PvP. I prefer PVE and general questing. I like the story, love discovering new areas and new things overall in a game. While this game is rather fun at the start, once you complete the main story quests, it gets boring and really bad at getting your gear upgraded. I will never be hard core anymore, as I am close to fifty years old. The funny part of that is that I likely have more disposable income than many of the younger players. I am not going to pay to win any game as to me that is cheating. They have no guidelines where Dungeons or raids are concerned. I am sorry, but if a tanking class is needed in a dungeon, then they need to address F8 (fate, a perfect word for this mess). Play WoW and LFR (Looking for Raid for those that avoid the game) and you will get two tanks, five healers and the rest DPS. Yes, if you are only general DPS, you might wait a while, BUT, you can do whatever else you want while you wait in queue. Salvage, Craft, run dailies for rep, ect. In this game, you can fail because you got a bad group, or better, a group of nothing but one clss even. The game has a "tank" without the required tanking buffs and healers without the required healing buffs. It feels like a want to be trinity to me and that is the issue. It neither supplies a good design for endgame nor does it supply general questing once you have completed the MSL (Main Story Line). This is why I will likely leave the game in my past once a couple of other games launch This Year that have peaked my interest. This is short is why BnS failed for me and many of my friends. No Real Life Friend Plays the game any more.
  12. I am going to guess you have not seen the other Games out there that have Account Banks". It can and does work in many different games.
  13. Can't collect daily login reward

    OK, I can put this part to rest, unless they (NCSoft) just decided to give me my daily log in rewards, I can assure you I have not received them in any way. They are not in my claimed items and not in my inventory. I love how someone gets on a kick in these forums like they have all the answers. Here it is straight and simple. When I claim my rewards, first, I see a ,little picture pop up by my cache. Second, a check mark appears over the daily log in rewards I have claimed. Last, they appear in my cache (to be claimed) I do Not have 400 items in my cache even if you separate any stacked items and count them one by one. I know it's a bug and I know I cannot get any answer about it. I reinstated my Premium membership just because of the daily log in rewards. I can assure you I have leaned my lesson and have no plans to make the same mistake again.
  14. Can't collect daily login reward

    This issue is also one I am dealing with. I have had rather good luck with Support up until this issue. I sent them a very detailed letter explaining the problem, how it seems random and that I have tried everything I and my friends could think of. This included trying the file repair option Twice. Guess what their only suggestion was, try the file repair and see if it works. I agree that they didn't seem to read my letter at all. The frustration is building rapidly where this problem is concerned mainly because I feel like I am being told to get over it.
  15. I agree with the idea, but also having played MMORPGs for a very long time, I also know how it will be abused. Don't like someone, kick them. Think their gear is to low, kick them. Unhappy with their AP, kick them. I have lived through this more times than I care to remember. If you want to make a difference, if the person in the dungeon doesn't move at all in 3 to 5 minutes, then allow a vote to kick. Make it fair and I am all in, make it like so many other games have, and count me out. I had just gotten to the AP level required by OTHER Players to get into Skybreak Spire, but, as soon as they released the new content, raised our level cap and upped our AP, I am once again below what they Demand to be invited to run it. So you cannot tell me how quickly you would vote to kick someone trying to learn the run or that doesn't live up to your expectations.
  16. Need ingame Gamemaster now.

    This seems crazy, leave the party/dungeon/game after writing down any name(s) as well as taking screen shots or also writing down every single reason that you feel they should be reported and get in contact with customer support to explain why you feel this is an issue they need to look in to . I am sorry, but you really need a better reporting system than you have in place and this response pretty much proves it.
  17. Deceitful Practice

    well, I hate to tell you this, that happens all the time as well. What I am saying, in the simplest terms, is anytime you open your wallet and throw real money at any F2P game, you are gambling. You are taking a risk. Allow me to help you see it from my side of the road. How many F2P games went offline this year ? Any Idea at all ? Now, how many people do you think still had real money tied up in those games that took down their servers ? Did they not gamble that the game would still be up tomorrow ? Am I, someone that Pays for a Premium Subscription also not gambling that the game will not go down before my sub is up ? Oh, and for the record, that Happened to me on PotC a few years back . So, you took a chance and didn't come out on top this time, how many times have you been way ahead because you took the same chance and it paid off ? I paid for WoD in advance, including 6 months of time, well over 100 bucks, and hated that Xpac so much I left the game three days after it came out. Did I get cheated, did anyone deceive me in any way ? No, I took the chance and lost on both games. Yes, it hurts, yes it can ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you off, make you mad and even cause bouts of rage, but it is also the chance you took every other time that paid off well enough you were willing to do it again. All things online are anything but a guarantee . I remember when Yahoo was the ONLY search engine to use, now, what do you think of it ? I remember when DSL was the best one could ever hope for, Now, it's like Dial up was when it came out, don't you agree ? So, you feel cheated because you spent a lot of money for a chance to get items (gems I believe) from the trove and now you find out that they are changing that area of the game up ? I am sorry I don't see what you see from the way you feel deceived by the devs. Yes, they could have said they were changing things, but what if they made the choice to change the gems up with only a few days left of the trove, after you had already spent all that money, would you still feel the way you do now if that were the case ?
  18. Twisted Grimhorn wilds

    KV was a joke, no long effecting poison, no roaming mobs, no twists and turns and no stupid Directed path like TGWs. KV was simple, fully open so you had room to adjust for an attack or avoid a mob and seldom was anything more than a little time consuming. Sorry to be a let down as the only issue I had was that I wasn't well enough geared to get past the raid part of the quest line. And here I was worrying about that zone for a while because you put in this little comment, five toons have walked right through it, from back when upgrades were a PITA to get up until just last week, where upgrades are basically given out like dumplings and health potions :P
  19. Twisted Grimhorn wilds

    I want to know what group came up with the stupid idea to make a main quest area Impossible to solo. I can honestly say up until now I enjoyed the game. Now, I really hate even thinking about it. I understand many players love to team up and run things, But, The Main Quest being this hard it completely stupid. Understand, I have dealt with factions, PvP, spammers and even the wonderful changes that have made so many things I worked for worth nothing now...fine...but I am not one that just looks for a team to run a main quest line at all. Main Story arcs should be something one can solo...maybe at a certain level, but that they can solo. This area is not in any way like that. Once I hit chapter six, it's like the Devs chose to run off players like me for good. Fpr the record, this is dumber than Blizzard destroying all the skills on our toons. Please consider a major overhaul of the area as I see no way for me to ever complete the story line now. With that said, I hope you face something like this soon that will make you see why I am as upset as I am right now.
  20. I came back to this topic as I thought about it for a while. This is not the only game I play, there are others, one more than the rest I call my favorite. They are truly based on making players happy. As I was able to buy a Lifetime Sub on the game and therefor will never need spend another penny on it again ( I still do from time to time when the cash store has a ship or outfit I want and my Stippen isn't enough to pay for it ), paid suns (gold) get little things like an account bank, so you never need mail something from one toon to another one. It is also quite helpful when certain items in that game are one time only grabs. You place it in the account bank and any toon you log on can get it out to use it for the time you are on it. Rinse and repeat . I will not lie, I am doubtful I am going to pay for the sub anymore . I am not an outfit collector, I paid for the extra bank slots/tab and that was really it. The wardrobe is nice, but not important to me. There are no other really great things that it offers that would keep me paying to play the game anymore. If we got account banks, or free banking slots or something like being able to mail account bound items to another toon (this includes outfits btw) for free, then it would start to look appealing again. At the moment however, with all the changes they are making and the fact they are targeting whales over all others right now, I see little reason to pay for something that is no longer offering anything relevant to the game now. Some will pay for the wardrobe, but for me, it's low on my list, the 20% extra XP was nice, but I now fully outrun any battle XP well before I reach Jadestone and it doesn't return until Silverfrost. So, having the understanding I could gain as much bag/bank space by spending my money only on Dragon pouches and opening up all the spaces I am offered as a F2P member, it is likely the direction I will go until they address the Premium subscription problems they have created.
  21. Deceitful Practice

    I will simply say it like this. You chose to put loads of real money into this game. Ever wonder what it actually gains you in the first place ? It's o different from the Paid subscription. If I took all the money I have put into the membership and just bought the dragon pouches, I would have come out cheaper over the time I have played the game. I am not an outfit collector so the wardrobe serves only a small place in my choice to keep the sub up. For me, it was the extra bank tab, but, had I only bought the pouches I would have every Inventory and bank slot open and not have spent as much on it. he same applies to what you do. What if when we get the new content, levels and story, all you have spent to upgrade your weapon, accessories and gems are no longer worth anything ? What if, like most other MMOs, the new Xpac makes all you have worthless ? Where the basic blue weapons would be better than the best upgraded weapon you can get now ? This is a risk you take every time you open your wallet and click purchase . I have played MMOs back when the internet was shiny and new . The odds are high that once the new expansion comes out, all you have paid for, all you have spent, will be worthless at level 51 . You took a risk by paying for the chance to get everything you wanted from the trove. I am certain others did as well. It's not what they are doing that is as bad as that you feel ripped off for gambling on a chance. I highly suggest you never visit a casino anytime soon with that frame of mind. You took the same chance I do when I drop 100 usd on a black jack table and say "hit me" spending any real money on a "F2P game is a gamble, and always has been since the very first one came out. cut your loses and go on with your life. Remember, the dealer always win is a draw/push :)
  22. so...are you going to fix this or not?

    OK, I know this is going to seem crazy, but I had the exact same issue. It turned out to be that my Security software (Norton) was not happy with a couple of part of the game..back when I fixed it...the main issue was their security system and mine were not happy working together. Now, for Norton I simply went into each file and told Norton to "trust it". My crash and failure to log in problems were solved then and there. BTW, I spent six weeks with customer support trying to figure out why I had so many crash and log in issues. I would suggest, if you can, telling your Internet security system to "trust this game". It was the only thing that worked for me...and I just happened to stumble upon it by luck.
  23. I agree with the idea that this needs to be addressed, however, I do not see them doing it anytime soon. Now, the way to force change is to first stop paying to play this game. As they will notice that. I doubt many of those on this forum post are ready to no longer drop your Memberships at the moment so let's say that until NCSoft either starts losing players or the membership is no longer making them money, this is what we are going to be stuck with. If they do choose to step in and revamp the system, I would like to have extra bag and bank slots opened up for paying to play this game. atm, because of the cost to open up bag and bank slots, this game falls in the lower half of the MMOs based on value per dollar spent. After all, I could drop $100.00 usd on this game and still not have opened up all my bag slots alone.
  24. Is Midnight Skypetal Plains dead?

    I would think once they combine the servers in August, you will have a much easier time getting invites and runs through MSP. I know on our server, I see it posted several times a day.
  25. completely unfair

    This is a question, don you ever feel fully cheated by this game? I ran all the new content, got One Weapon Upgrade and No Ancestral Soul Shield. WI wouldn't mind IF we could go back and run the Quests over for the New rewards, but we can't. I am tired of always getting cheated like this, and it is Being Cheated when other get something you didn't for doing the exact same thing. I just wonder if anyone else feels this way. Oh, and though it really doesn't matter, these are the types of Things I left a few other games for, including WoW. So I suggest a way to run old Missions/quests that you have already ruin before to get the NEW rewards that you were cheated out of the first time. That or make sure you just mail the players that have already completed the quest/missions the new rewards so they aren't being cheated. I would really like to get the True Ivorymoon lynblade and axe, but I only got the rewards to do One Upgrade...however, three Clan members got both Tormented weapons to upgrade completely, They also got the Soul Shield, which I nor a couple of other friends didn't get. We ran it in the time allowed to get the Outfit, is that why you cheated us out of a weapon upgrade And the Soul Shied ? I am really getting tired of logging onto this game and getting upset before I ever really start playing.