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  1. I think that against terms of game right?

    Yes, fairness is very important. Right now the GCD for sheathe isn't working. Two or more destroyers can sheathe for each other back to back with no penalties. The entire destroyer ladder should get a fair reset as well for any destroyer that used the bugged party protect skill.
  2. New Player

    Out of curiosity, why Seraph? Also good luck on new clan in Mushins :)
  3. Pvp now..

    Since you think all your characters are equally viable in 6v6, even the HM 1 BM, I have to assume they are all equally not geared, have 0 hm skills upgrades, and you have no PVP experience with any class. The harsh truth is you shouldn't queue at all because you will only be feeding your enemy team while handicapping your own. If you are asking which class you should gear up for 6v6: BD - very versatile in 6v6, even at low gear BDs are good at stalling and defending. WL - a well timed SB can make or break your team. However, any 6v6 team worth their salt will go after you and your thrall first. Unless you are good at surviving the initial burst, you will be the first one dead every game. For the people who think all a WL needs to bring to a game is SB: thrall HP is based on AP; if you have low gear your thrall will be dead before your SB goes off. BM - well geared and skilled BMs are almost impossible to kill unless 2 or 3 people focus fire on them, good for defending or capping. Not well geared BMs are mostly useless. FM - this class is as good as you make it. A skilled FM can stall for days and is one of the best solo defending classes. Unfortunately FM PVP has a higher learning curve than the other classes; if you can only PVE people in 6v6 you should just not queue. Try to get your character to at least HM 10 before queuing so you can have 50 points in defence and 10 points in offence. Try to get some PVP gear because it does make a difference: even raven geared people will die in 1-2 hits in PVE gear. Lastly, try really hard to get some PVP experience (e.g. arena or sparring) so you don't do stupid things like heal enemies or hit into all their counters.
  4. New to warlock

    Warlock is kind of an expensive class: to get the most out of your rotation you require specific hongmoon skills and badges (from tower of infinity). Generally, warlocks depend on buffs (leech, soulburn) and debuffs (brand, target) to do optimal damage. You need HM DC/DH, HM RMB and HM soul shackle, for both ice and shadow builds. Until you get those HM skills, there is no point in talking about rotations. As for ice versus shadow, both builds are viable end game. Unlike some classes where one element is the only way to go, what you prefer to do heavily influences your element choice. Ice is the stronger element in PVE, when partying with a good tank, versus single targets; the newest content in KR, which is future content for us, strongly favours dragoncall. Your burst damage is high, great for fights that last 5-30 seconds. The rotation is simple but very ping dependent. Shadow is the better build for ToI, PvP, soloing and clearing trash mobs. Since you said you prefer ice, I won't get into details though. As for Seraph versus Baleful, it's a matter of personal preference. With Seraph you won't see skill resets, ever. Seraph is a downgrade from ivorymoon from stages 1-3 so don't upgrade unless you can go straight to 4. However, the leech CD reduction makes your rotation much more forgiving and reliable. It is also one of the most gorgeous weapon skins in game. Baleful upgrades don't scale as well as Seraph, but at least stage 1 isn't a complete downgrade... You need to keep track of your skill reset stacks on top of your buffs and rebuffs to optimize your rotation, it's a good practice to get into if you ever plan to go Raven. With current skills changes, only go Baleful if you are going ice.
  5. Top Pve dps class at this moment?

    Assuming all classes have BiS Raven + BT soul shields + elem earring & ring + bracelet, also equal ping and skill, currently the top burst damage classes are SF, sin, and FM. On longer fights, SF and FM sustain a bit better than sins. On solo content (like Mushins 20), WL has the best burst damage.
  6. New Player

    1. It's cheaper to just create a new character at this point. You can get to level 16 again pretty quickly and the stamps you need to transfer the outfit are significantly cheaper than a server transfer. If you want the same character name however, that's more tricky. 2. This is hard to answer. Objectively, Group 2 (Mushins) and Group 3 (Poharan) are the most populated servers, giving you the most options for clans. Group 4 also has good clans though. IMHO, if you like the game, finding a good clan is what keeps you playing. Don't go to group 6 is the only definitive thing I can say :p
  7. People have no shame

    The reason some raven users might not fight trash mobs is because of the soul proc, especially if they have True Soul. Having the proc wasted on trash mobs, especially if the mob is right before the boss room, means you lose significant burst damage when you start the boss fight. Depending on the class and gear, this could be anywhere from 500k to 2 million total damage. Quicker boss fights are better for everyone in the party. Some raven users save their soul proc by taking off their souls during trash fights, but a lot of pug people jump straight from trash to boss and you can't re equip the soul while stuck in combat. Keeping the soul on for every trash fight means they may need the team to wait at the boss until their soul is up. Again, in a pug situation, it's difficult to get people to wait.
  8. New Player

    This might not be what you want to hear but this is the best advice I can give: restart your character on another server. You are currently on a server that's part of Group 5. If you want to progress in end game content (i.e. Raid), Group 5 has very very limited options. The disbanding of a major Group 5 clan resulted in a lot of players who are proficient at end game content leaving for other servers. So while big clans on other servers offer multiple raids a week, Group 5 clans ally together to form one raid... If you plan to avoid raids all together, then disregard this post. Group 5 is great for players who like solo content and SSP farming.
  9. Comeback tips please!

    FM: top dps in PVE, great movement speed and defensive skills, high learning curve in PVP. WL: high dps in PVE, excels in burst damage, low mobility (even shadow build), few defensive skills, needs a lot of skill upgrades to be viable in PVP. SM: high dps in PVE, good sustained damage, excellent defensive skills, needs the least amount of skill upgrades to be viable in PVP.