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  1. Why grappling?

    I guess I understand, even if I don't think this is the best they could've done. Thanks for the civil and well informed answer and it's good to know I'm not alone in the loss. It's mourning time u.u
  2. Why grappling?

    I came back to the game to find that to my dismay, KFM's don't have a dedicated ground grapple skill anymore and instead need to rely on air-to-ground grapples... What was the thought process behind this? I enjoyed the skill in PvE as it allowed my party to bash on an enemy while he's defenseless, gaining some time to recover or to add damage. Yes, there might be some more useful builds, but not every player out there is looking to be the min/max master of absolute DPS and Tanking and just play to have a laugh with some friends. What I'm asking is the reasoning behind this removal.