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  1. I have the exact same problem, since the UE4 update, it's tedious to do the trove opening between characters, please can you fix it?
  2. I planned to do a break from the game soon, even if I have a year premium still going on. Despite all will I put in the game, it getting harder and harder to gear up. F8 dungeon is my preferred activity in the game, but it become useless now.
  3. Sincerely, I planned to make a break from the game soon, even if I have my year subscription premium still going on. The incoming gold nerf (again one) on F8 dungeons (My preferred activity in the game), dissuaded me to continue. It's now too hard for me to gear up. The best is to make your own opinion, but you will understand what we say that, when you would hit the end game grind.
  4. I like how you improved the system with Honing Oil 100% success to get, but there is something that bother me. I play more than one character and have lot of Hoining Oil sitting in my inventory, because a maximum account wide of 2 sacred vial and 2 Pet pack per week, is too bellow. I don't ask for much change, but it would be possible to increase this limitation to in least 5 sacred vial and 5 pet pack per week? OR make the limitation character wide and not account wide, please?
  5. I hoped the Armory transformation stone like system would be over, but it continue with crystal now.
  6. Since 3 days I encounter random lag spike making the game almost unplayable, it's the first time since two years I play I have this problem. It forced me to move to a VPN solution, but sometime even with the VPN it lag so much. In the game my character have arround 200-300ms but when I chain skill the character only use a skill 1/10 of normal speed, also I see all action arround continuing even if the boss is dead since 10s.
  7. Stats buff with a premium? Hope no ! PS: I have a year premium But I would be glad if they change the animation system and add an unlimited character alteration.
  8. Hello, I will explain what happened to me yesterday to introduce my problem: Someone I don't known and without tell me anythings, gave to me a free premium (1nc). I hadn't any premium active at this moment and it immediately activated. No prompt, no messages. I was surprised and confused. After I asked for information about that in faction chat, the giver shown up. He gave many premium to anyone he crossed and had 300 of them ready. Cool for people who can't offer 1nc but that's not my case, in fact I planned to active my 1nc premium the 7th.
  9. I try always to revive people who died, and I very rarely saw people ignoring died people.
  10. I tested an huge quantity of multplayer games and MMO and I still play to some other MMO, but this game even if not perfect is the best on the whole market, for me. It's not because you don't like it and not play to it anymore, than it give you the right to beg for force devs to close this game. It's so egoist.
  11. I hope one day they add more options for chested Lyn (not only bikini but normal outfit), I looking every couple of day in the cashop for that.
  12. Character name: Izaruka (main) Server: NA Class: Kung Fu Master Discord: Yes Mic: no Availability: 2PM to 4PM (EDT) if not in weekend or holydays
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