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  1. Nah, the next event is good for us whales because it allows us to take a break from the game. Most whales are going to skip the event and only log in for their weekly ET/TT raids. The time (and especially gold) required for this event to get oils or pet packs are just not worth it compared to previous events.
  2. "But new players..." is a valid and powerful excuse. If a game cannot retain new players, then it's only a matter of time before the game gets shut down. Veterans will leave the game over time, but if a game has a healthy amount of new players joining and staying long enough to spend cash, then there is no problem. A flourishing game requires the amount of people joining and staying to be greater than the amount of people leaving. If I were to describe the current state of the game in terms to human-health, I would call it malnourished: hungry and starving for more (new) players. Veteran players are leaving at an alarming rate and ncsoft is not doing enough to keep new and old players interested in the game. New players, mid-tier, end game geared players, it doesn't matter. The changes in upgrade cost is bad for the entire player base unless you're one of those super whales and already have every single thing upgraded to the max. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone applauding ncsoft for their recent/future changes to weapon and heart. Sacred vials can be farmed through events, however, PTS cannot. Unless people pvp, they'll only be able to try for a CHANCE to successfully transmute a PTS maybe once a week. There are already enough gears that require PTS to upgrade, adding it to heart upgrades will just slow players' progression. Isn't the goal of the developers to keep players playing the game? All the changes they've been making recently is doing the exact opposite. More and more people are leaving the game and one of the reasons is because it's so hard to catch up in terms of gear. If new players and even mid-tier players see that upgrading with PTS is "normal," and that they are required to somehow gather so many PTS if they ever want to catch up, I'm sure they would lose all motivation to continue playing. As an end-game geared player, the upcoming change doesn't affect me much, but there's no way I would ever recommend this game to any of my friends or people looking for new game. I enjoy the game and find it fun, but that's because I don't have to worry about catching up with the content. As much as I would love for my friends or even co-workers to play bns with me, I know that they will eventually get frustrated with the upgrade costs and leave the game so I don't even bother introducing them to bns. As stated previously, rng should be completely removed from transmuting PTS. In NA, it currently costs 263g per try to transmute a PTS and 335g if it succeeds (consumes 4 TS) while PTS sell for 540g in F5. This means that unless the PTS transmutation succeeds at least 4/7 of the time, you will be losing a lot money. Sure it can be a good sink for tradable materials and gold, but a lot of excess mats and gold are being introduced by all the rng cash boxes ncsoft have been putting in f10. I can't even imagine how much gold was pushed into the game from the BINGO box. At 6g per Hongsil's Treasure Coin and 450+ coins given out in prizes per play, that's over 2.7k+ worth of new gold being introduced in each BINGO game. It's one of the reasons for inflated prices in f5. Another idea that was brought up was an untradable bound-to-account PTS. Maybe keep the same transmutation cost as current PTS and increase gold cost while lower the tradable PTS transmutation cost by like one or two of each mat. That way there's still a sink for tradable mats and gold. Grimoir I swear, I can read a post by you without even looking at the name and tell it's you. All you ever do is defend ncsoft for every single thing they do even when everyone else is demanding change. You probably spend more time on forums than actually playing the game. There's no way everything ncsoft does is right. They are bound to make mistakes and poor choices, and it's up to players to call them out on it. There have been many times in the past where these poor choices lead to players voicing their frustration and overturning the developers decision which luckily helped retain a little more of the player base. The CMs may play the game, but their characters are geared only slightly better than fresh-out-of-story characters. They haven't spent any/enough time doing mid-tier/end-game content to know players' pains and frustrations. I don't know if the developers even play the western version of the game. I wouldn't be surprised if they just pop into the game from time to time to make sure the market isn't going to hell. If they did played the game, they would know how negative players would view some of their previous and upcoming changes. They really need to do another survey like how they did when they decided to revamp premium membership but on the current state of the game and what players are looking forward to if they want the game to last. Otherwise the game won't even survive until we get UE4. tldr: Retaining new players keep the game running upcoming heart rebalance bad for all players, not just new slows down progression making people lose interest need 100% PTS or bound to account PTS Grimoir-stop defending everything ncsoft does. Criticism is good for game Survey for current state of game desperately needed
  3. Old Dungeons

    If you're unable to find a party for those 2 dungeons, you could always go to Moon Refuge and buy the weapon box from dragon trader Shin Heewon. It's on the 3rd tab when you talk to the npc and they cost 30 moonlight buds each. Should be much faster than looking for people to farm the dungeons with you since it's not a 100% drop from the final boss.
  4. Mushin Tower 1-8 Event Question

    You can farm as many festive feast bags as you want from mushin, but you can only get 2 keys per day from the daily quest. This let's you farm like a week's worth of bags in one sitting or however many you want so that you don't have to run it 2x everyday for the bags
  5. Two legy items per dungeon...

    I, for one, welcome the the changes in upcoming dungeons. Would you rather run 1 dungeon 100x to unlock the achievement to buy 2 accessories or run 2 dungeons 100x each for a total of 200 runs for 2 accessories? I'm one of those people that are already at endgame gear, so I'd rather not spend hours farming new dungeons 100x for every new accessory. Just let me get my 2 accessories quickly and be done with it so that I only have to log on for raids and maybe dailies/weeklies if I feel like it. We usually get a new tier for accessories every year. Instead of them releasing 6 dungeons for 6 accessories, I'm perfectly content with them releasing 3-4 dungeons per year for a full set of the new tier accessories. If anything, they should combine the achievements for older accessories as well to make it easier for people to catch up. Want to unlock the achievement to buy belt and gloves? Run 100x total of BC and/or WC. It'll make it less boring. Players would be able to run 50 WC and 50 BC or however they want to split the runs up so they're not burnt out from running one dungeon too much. Or they can do all 100 runs in BC for the achievement if they don't like running WC or vice-versa. New content becomes monotonous after running X-amount of times anyways, so I'm glad they made it easier for us. People complain about how this game is non-stop farming and now they're making us farm half as much for our accessories, but people are still complaining. Make up your mind.
  6. 'Peace of Cake' and 'Westward Blow'

    I'm not really sure what gear groups are looking for these days so i can't give you an exact answer. All I can say is that the bosses only require around 300k dps per person to kill, but groups will usually look for someone that does around 1mil+ dps to add to their roster. Your best bet is to join a friendly clan and see if they have space in their weekly raids that you can tag along to if your dps isn't that high. Buying an achievement run isn't too expensive. I think my group sells the achievement for both bosses for under 400g. If you have a little extra, you might as well buy an unrefined celestial emperor ring/earring for around 1k each which comes with the clear so you don't have to pay extra for that. Did you go inside msp to look at the merchant? There are 4 "midnight exchanger" merchants inside msp but they all sell the same thing so it doesn't matter which one you go to. I just checked on a low-level alt and the shop allows me to buy the soulshields even without having the achievements. The only thing required to buy the soulshields are lavender nightstones which comes from the dynamic box of stage 6 (and maybe 5?) of sacred longui. If you're farming the nightstones, I would suggest for you to wait until the weekend to do it because that's when msp gives 2x the reward boxes. The reward boxes are a good way to farm mats too.
  7. 'Peace of Cake' and 'Westward Blow'

    Peace of cake and westward blow are the achievements from killing boss 1 and 2 of nightfall sanctuary (you'll also see it referred to as TT in game.) You'll have to find a static group to join, or if you don't have the gear for the raid, you'll most likely have to pay a group to let you join for the achievements. Another option for obtaining the soul shields is farming msp for the stones to buy it from the msp merchant. It will not unlock the achievements so you'll be unable to buy the soul shields using grand celestial wings. Currently the raid isn't easy enough to where you can join randoms and clear the bosses like BT and VT. The raid recently got nerfed hard in KR which makes it pretty hard to wipe, but it might be a while until we get that patch.
  8. Can you please stop doing livestreams ?

    The problem is very apparent if you compare our streams vs RU's weekly(?) streams. RU's GMs seem to have much more info on future game updates along with a timeline of what's to come. Ours will only tell us about updates 5 days before patch hits while RU discloses big changes coming up months in advance. For example: RU's stream announced that korea is getting UE4 in December (and the west is getting it in spring of 2020) like a month or two before KR's official announcement while our gm was still telling us that UE4 was "not a thing." The newest RU stream announced the release dates of des and sin 3rd specs. I haven't even bothered watching our stream because it's so uninformative. Why is there such a huge difference in information being presented to the NA/EU players vs the RU players? Are our GM's not kept in the loop or are they just not asking the right questions to the developers? Or do they just not know what's important to us as players so they think the information is irrelevant? Help us help you guys out. Ask us questions. Find out what is important to us so you know what to talk about in future streams. BnS is a great game with great potential, but with the lack of update news or the sudden increase of incorrect game-changing information being presented, the game is slowly losing players.
  9. Hidden patch notes

    Who's hurt you so badly in your past that you have to act like you've got a stick shoved up your *cough* Anyways, Have you ever had premium before? Or were you just always unlucky with your dash? Every time you get the 2 brilliant tokens from the premium spot, it gives you almost $10 worth of hmcoins. My last 3 months of premium was my luckiest and got me a little more than $200 worth of hmcoins. I was able to unlock all my trove slots and buy about 300 keys with those hmcoins. I haven't had to spend any money on trove because I've always got a decent amount of hmcoins from dash. When I'm not so lucky with venture tokens, I usually still get enough hmcoins to open all trove slots and buy 100 keys or so. So am I an idiot for spending $35 every 90 days when the chances are extremely good for getting more than 4 sets of brilliant tokens and getting my money's worth? Even if I break even, I'm not upset because I also benefit from all the bonuses that come with premium. Sure, nothing in the game will be affected by the change, but ncsoft will continue to lose more revenue from this decision. I don't believe any current none-premium players are going to think "oh, they removed the useless 2 brilliant venture tokens from dash and replaced it with the awesome sacred vial? let me go get my credit card and buy a premium membership." Go enjoy your game while you still can. Once revenue from this game drops lower than the cost of operation, ncsoft will shut it all down without any hesitation. With all the recent decisions the developers have made, more and more players are ditching this sinking ship and have looked elsewhere to spend their time and money. As a f2p end game player, the premium membership was the only source of income the company was getting for me. I know many others that are the same. I enjoy the game and will continue playing it. The only difference is that ncsoft will stop receiving my $35 every 90 days. I may sound like I'm bashing the company and want it to burn to the ground, but I'm still playing even with all the issues with performance and I tolerate the miscommunications ncwest sometimes have with the kr dev team. I really like the game. I love the combat style and enjoyed the story, so of course I would want this game to succeed and stay alive. It's just really hard for me and others to justify spending money on the game for a premium that has very little benefits.
  10. Hidden patch notes

    Good job ncsoft. You just saved me $35 every 3 months. Now I can stop buying premium since the only reason I even renew it every 3 months is for a chance to get venture tokens from daily dash. All the other benefits from premium aren't enticing enough for me to justify renewing premium. Sure I'll miss having remote storage, cheaper upgrade fees, and premium storage slots, but with premium revamped and gutted from time to time, it's really losing all its original appeal (RIP 15sec chi recovery with premium). The extra gold saved and gained as well as more exp with premium might be worth it for new players, but for veterans of the game that have gold and decent gear, it's not enough to keep us paying for it.
  11. Out of nowhere, BNS is running at 30fps, previously 90fps

    check and see if FTH (fault tolerant heap) was re enabled. The new widows update turned it back on for me and I had to go in and disable it again to get my normal fps. Also, if you're using windows10 and don't have cortana disabled, some people have noticed cortana using 30% of the cpu and up to as much as 90% after the latest windows update.
  12. FPS issue

    As stated previously, the game is just horribly optimized and even people with mid to top tier systems may have problems managing fps in this game without messing with a bunch of settings. The game is very CPU dependent and on a single core, so there's not much you can do about that right now without updating your system. under graphics>advanced settings, try ticking the "Optimized for combat" box and setting everything to 1 with all the special effects and anti-aliasing disabled. Maybe give bns buddy a try if you haven't already and see if that helps with running your game more smoothly. The only way to fix the long screen freeze during join-attacks is to go to your game settings and untick the "Use reflex context guide" box. This should solve one of your problems at least.
  13. I had the same problem, but was able to solve it by grabbing a new rukesh earring from ST. For some reason if you kept the rukesh earring before the patch, it'll get update with new stats but won't be able to be used for the offering.
  14. Blighted Harpy...

    There's so much hate for Stryker because he's probably only ran the dungeon once or twice without ever looking up a guide or asking around about mechanics for the dungeon and proceeded to come to the forums to complain over an attack that can easily be avoided by every single class in the game using the same 2 keys. It is not a design flaw of the game, Snow. Wait till you see the beefed up harpy as the third miniboss before zulia in the VT raid. If Stryker thinks that the harpy has an "awful lame and bad mechanic," then he's in for a rude awakening once he progresses to harder dungeons. Honestly, this game has become stupidly easy that the only fun dungeons are end game raids and maybe shadowmoor to brood chamber dungeons. Ncsoft has nerfed all the older dungeons which ends up with them becoming a dps battle with the enrage timer rather than something requiring skills and teamwork to complete. Second boss of naryu sanctum for example: at 70%, boss begins the mech phase. I'll be tanking on my alt, conducting the rods, AND throwing every. single. rod. at the boss while everyone else continues attacking the boss dealing a measly 30-50k dps and ignore the rods even after being told that it does a lot of damage. What's wrong with this scenario? I do more than 350k dps on my alt, but I know that rods deal way more than that. If i don't do the mechanics for the boss, I know that the fight will last twice as long because everyone else is ignoring the rods. The nerfing of older dungeons results in newer players coming to reddit or the forums to complain when they encounter their first dungeon in which it requires just a little bit of extra effort or research on the player's part. This is also why there are so many threads complaining about solo content like outlaw island, circle of sundering, and den of the ancients and how they need to be nerfed because it's "too hard" while other people are running outlaw island with dawn/rift 3 weapons and no accessories or den of ancients with rift/dawn 6 to show how easily doable they are. Newer players have become so used to dungeons being so easy and brain-dead and there's no gradual learning progression like before. Look up all the old dungeon mechanics for avalanche den, desolate tomb, ebondrake citadel, etc if you've never done them pre-nerf and you'll find guides that are at least 1 or 2 pages long for each boss in those dungeons on how to successfully execute and survive the mechanics. There were even some dungeons that require certain classes in the party composition in order to complete. This is what we old players had to research and learn before stepping foot in those dungeon for the first time. We'd start with yeti and his simple mechs and learning how to i-frame, then EC which requires all 3 CCs x2 and stealth, then progress to the harder DT dungeon which required the teamwork from at least 4 people in order to grab orbs and share the lightning in order to execute the mechanics and clear the last boss. Now, most dungeons up to maybe sandstorm temple can be done without knowing anything about the dungeon. New players will progress through the dungeons thinking that all of them are that easy and require no knowledge. I have seen some people actually speak up and say they're new and ask if there's anything they need to know about the boss before starting in F8, but that's the minority. Whenever that happens, I'm always more than happy to explain any mechs to them and what to watch out for. Sadly, I've only seen this once every few months.
  15. Can't breakthrough TT accessories after patch.

    mine was from before the update, but it says mystic on it instead of the old elemental dmg so it looks like it was converted. I'll try running ST after getting to lvl 60 for another earring to see if it makes any difference Edit: so after doing ST and getting another earring, I was finally able to upgrade my TT earring. It's so dumb that the earring that dropped is exactly the same as the earring that I kept from before the patch, yet I wasn't able to use the old earring to upgrade