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  1. I landed on the key in EU and in my received items, it shows "Treasure Trove Key (5)" but only gives one key.
  2. Just use the software that came with your mouse. From what I've seen, only x-mouse and AHK are both blocked by gameguard. I know for sure that you can still macro just fine using Razer's Synapse, logitech's g-hub, and corsair's iCUE software.
  3. Your lvl 60 voucher is probably hidden several pages in your receive items mailbox. I had this issue previously and there's 2 ways around this: 1. Clear out your received items till the lvl 60 voucher is within the first maybe 2 or 3 pages of the mailbox. This will allow you to create a new lvl 50 character and use the voucher in the training room. 2. Create a new character at lvl 1 and go through the story till you get out of heaven's reach and end up in the first map in viridian coast (takes maybe 15mins). Once you wake up in bed after the cinematic and walk outside, then pr
  4. Have you tried crossing the wall with 25 points into movement speed? Not sure if that will be enough to compensate for the delay after crossing the wall. My raid has more than enough dps to clear so some of us spec points into movement speed just to get to the other side a little faster
  5. In Kr, the scales are from the new revamped naryu sanctum. So maybe we'll get a new dungeon with the upcoming patch? Otherwise it makes no sense to release a new heart tier. The NS dungeon was released not to long after they got Halcyon Hills.
  6. What do you mean 5 secs? You have about 30 secs to do your role starting from when first missile hits the first mine to when boss times out and goes to next phase. Even if it was 5 seconds, that's still plenty of time to get 2 CCs off. Phase should be done like this (Let's say you're doing the 10+8 role and want to start off baiting first missile to 8): (1) Suction> F-roll out. (2) Wait till timer hits 1 then SS/Hook away from purple aoe. (3) Stand behind the 8 oclock mine. (4) After first missile hits 8 oclock mine, use your [2] stun, then hook/ss to behind
  7. Nah, the next event is good for us whales because it allows us to take a break from the game. Most whales are going to skip the event and only log in for their weekly ET/TT raids. The time (and especially gold) required for this event to get oils or pet packs are just not worth it compared to previous events.
  8. "But new players..." is a valid and powerful excuse. If a game cannot retain new players, then it's only a matter of time before the game gets shut down. Veterans will leave the game over time, but if a game has a healthy amount of new players joining and staying long enough to spend cash, then there is no problem. A flourishing game requires the amount of people joining and staying to be greater than the amount of people leaving. If I were to describe the current state of the game in terms to human-health, I would call it malnourished: hungry and starving for more (new) players. Veteran playe
  9. If you're unable to find a party for those 2 dungeons, you could always go to Moon Refuge and buy the weapon box from dragon trader Shin Heewon. It's on the 3rd tab when you talk to the npc and they cost 30 moonlight buds each. Should be much faster than looking for people to farm the dungeons with you since it's not a 100% drop from the final boss.
  10. You can farm as many festive feast bags as you want from mushin, but you can only get 2 keys per day from the daily quest. This let's you farm like a week's worth of bags in one sitting or however many you want so that you don't have to run it 2x everyday for the bags
  11. I, for one, welcome the the changes in upcoming dungeons. Would you rather run 1 dungeon 100x to unlock the achievement to buy 2 accessories or run 2 dungeons 100x each for a total of 200 runs for 2 accessories? I'm one of those people that are already at endgame gear, so I'd rather not spend hours farming new dungeons 100x for every new accessory. Just let me get my 2 accessories quickly and be done with it so that I only have to log on for raids and maybe dailies/weeklies if I feel like it. We usually get a new tier for accessories every year. Instead of them releasing 6 dungeons for 6 acces
  12. I'm not really sure what gear groups are looking for these days so i can't give you an exact answer. All I can say is that the bosses only require around 300k dps per person to kill, but groups will usually look for someone that does around 1mil+ dps to add to their roster. Your best bet is to join a friendly clan and see if they have space in their weekly raids that you can tag along to if your dps isn't that high. Buying an achievement run isn't too expensive. I think my group sells the achievement for both bosses for under 400g. If you have a little extra, you might as well buy
  13. Peace of cake and westward blow are the achievements from killing boss 1 and 2 of nightfall sanctuary (you'll also see it referred to as TT in game.) You'll have to find a static group to join, or if you don't have the gear for the raid, you'll most likely have to pay a group to let you join for the achievements. Another option for obtaining the soul shields is farming msp for the stones to buy it from the msp merchant. It will not unlock the achievements so you'll be unable to buy the soul shields using grand celestial wings. Currently the raid isn't easy enough to where you can join randoms
  14. The problem is very apparent if you compare our streams vs RU's weekly(?) streams. RU's GMs seem to have much more info on future game updates along with a timeline of what's to come. Ours will only tell us about updates 5 days before patch hits while RU discloses big changes coming up months in advance. For example: RU's stream announced that korea is getting UE4 in December (and the west is getting it in spring of 2020) like a month or two before KR's official announcement while our gm was still telling us that UE4 was "not a thing." The newest RU stream announced the release dates of des an
  15. Who's hurt you so badly in your past that you have to act like you've got a stick shoved up your *cough* Anyways, Have you ever had premium before? Or were you just always unlucky with your dash? Every time you get the 2 brilliant tokens from the premium spot, it gives you almost $10 worth of hmcoins. My last 3 months of premium was my luckiest and got me a little more than $200 worth of hmcoins. I was able to unlock all my trove slots and buy about 300 keys with those hmcoins. I haven't had to spend any money on trove because I've always got a decent amount of hmcoins from dash. W
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