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  1. Improve your graphics (reshade) guide

    One thing that I learned... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMMUNITY. Don't try to bring good stuff here because most people will blindly whiteknight and just flame. Most of the whiteknights in this thread don't even know what Reshade is, they have NO IDEA what it does in reality but they come here to say that you're wrong. Teach your close friends how to improve games graphics, don't post good things here, it's not worth.
  2. Before you bash on me please answer this: Who plays normal mode dungeons? What kind of player only runs normal mode? Skilled players or low skilled players? You know the answer. Let me tell you that a LOT of players likes to log in, run some NM dungeons not worrying about being super good, not worrying about being at the top. They just want to enjoy the game on their way and having a large number of "doable" dungeons for casuals is a very good thing for the game, for advertising and to bring new players. These casuals and low-skilled players DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT HM MODE. Please understand this, they don't care about having top gear, max dps or whatever YOU care... It gonna change F8 for NORMAL MODE dungeons, making it easier for a fresh player to join almost all content in-game, which gonna make that player happy and it means more money to support the game and keep it free to play. Are you a good and skilled player? PLAY HARD MODE with your elite friends, problem solved, keep asking for 950+ NF HM no drive whale only, that's fine, no one cares, go and have fun with your friends. Don't try to push everyone to be as skilled elite as you are. A friend of mine has Baleful 4 and is pretty happy playing dungeons in NM without people bashing on her "learn to play" and other things that YOU and your elite friends do. Thinking that everyone should aim to be the best player like you is such an egoist and narcisist thinking.
  3. Silverfrost Dungeons Normal Mode Nerf

    This nerf is meant for CASUALS and non-skilled players, so they can have a good time playing and enjoying the game. This kind of player brings A LOT of money to the game, so they are important to NCsoft. Don't worry, your HM mode is still there untouched, you and your elite skilled friends can farm HM mode without problems, you don't even play with low-skilled players, why do you care? These players usually don't even care about HM mode because they are happy doing normal and that's it, they're not competitive like you, they don't aim to be a skilled player like you. Don't worry, you and your elite super skilled friends will not be bothered by "plebs".
  4. 12manraid date?

    Engine can't handle it. People crash A LOT because of this DOESN'T MATTER if you have a 6k dollars gaming computer. And this decision is made thinking about korea, where it's not as easy to find 24 people to raid. 24m is fun? Yes, but 12m is much more organized and engine can handle it.
  5. How about dungeons gives Evolved fragment that so you use 10 fragments to make 1 evolved stone. Thats EASY to implement and don't need to bring old 24m cancer back.
  6. Where is the logic in that badge?

    This is the right question: How can team Bloodlust be so intelligent and dumb at the same time?
  7. Where is the logic in that badge?

    The Team Bloodlust which is the team who developed Blade and Soul can be extremely smart and dumb at the same time. Look at this game's combat system, it's the best out of any MMO out there. But how the hell someone that is really smart to create such combat system can be SO DUMB at the point to create a completely useless badge? A better example: dungeons that doesn't have a portal at the start so dc'd players can reach the group faster. Who the hell had the idea to put a FIRE wall when the boss fight starts? Just to annoy people, why don't they just put a wall and that's it? The list is long... Everyone that plays this game said at least once "wow, this is dumb" reffering to some aspects of the game.
  8. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    You gotta play MxM to get a BLADE AND SOUL costume.... It's a BLADE AND SOUL promotion, so he is not in the wrong forum.
  9. Server and money they get from us

    Do you have an idea how many players quit the game due to lag and bad servers? THOUSANDS. Now imagine how much more money you could have. You're terrible at business, glad you're not the owner.
  10. Thank you NCSoft ( Latency )

    I have this same problem, using WTFast fixed it for me, I can move around and still have good speed.
  11. Thank you NCSoft ( Latency )

    I'm glad it affected you to the good and now you understand a bit more "our side" of the story. It won't fix people with bad connection that's true, we can't help them, but we showed we do CAN improve this game by being a united community. I'll leave it here lol
  12. Thank you NCSoft ( Latency )

    All the white knights are crying right now and their tears are SO.. SO DELICIOUS. @NightFer is one who hated the XML edit claiming it was cheating and EVERYONE should be banned, because only him can have a good attack speed. Now you swallow your own words.
  13. You have low ping, the XML fix doesn't affect you.
  14. NCwest if you want to follow KR skill path you gotta follow the WEAPON PATH too or else things will be messed up. You have 2 options: 1 - Make Seraph stack ON HIT, not WHEN hit. 2 - Give a weapon change to the warlocks who wants it FOR FREE.
  15. XML has nothing to do with the bug in the video you linked.