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  1. They introduced another version of the Sandstorm Temple Bracelet Chest in this Call to Arms bundle. This one will require the 5 Tranquility Emblems that is included in this Stage 2 chest. When you open with the emblems you will be given the choice to pick divinity/starbreaker/oscillation bracelet of your choice. The normal Sandstorm Bracelet Chest that drops from ST or traded from Junsorei, requires the unrefined bracelet. It's a convoluted mess. I was hesitant to open the event chest with the emblems at first thinking it could bug out and still require the unrefined bracelet,
  2. Before the recent changes they made to crafting, those material chests dropped like candies from dungeons to weeklies. You know those artisan/master/grandmaster crafting chests, well those gave an abundance of rare elements. They reduced the crafting time drastically, but nerfed the rare element drop rate as well as removed these crafting chests in the process. So I can see why newer players are having trouble farming these rare elements.
  3. I'm mind blown at this atrocity. While I appreciate the effort put into the free stuff for alts and newbies, the events themselves are not friendly at all. From raids to solo dungeons to unrestricted pvp content, just shows how disconnected these people are with their player base.
  4. This warrior has the world's perfect PC, absolutely top notch, they can game with 120 FPS at all times even in raids. This warrior have absolutely no issues with the game, it is perfect. This warrior defies all rng odds and is the outlier of all statistics in this game.
  5. Had a good laugh reading all this, but that last one took the cake, especially the ncdefender. They were probably from within their own staff just to make it easy on themselves lol.
  6. The real question is "Is it worth fishing for the event hearts?" The answer is a resounding "No" for many.
  7. Players who upgrade early on won't get materials refunded, they never have done that for soul, unless of course you use the ticket system and ask them to. Players who choose to upgrade now will be in the same boat, you get nothing in return. Those who wait to upgrade after patch may potentially get screwed over by their "rebalance" "adjustment" whatever you wanna call it. It's a lose-lose situation for all players. There is no such thing as "reduction" anymore, it has long vanished off of their vocab many patches ago.
  8. Are you sure you're not confusing BnS with another game? NC wishes they even have 10k players active right now.
  9. I was just thinking about this particular subject the other night as well and thought maybe NC can do something about it. I had a few suggestions in mind as well. 1- they should increased the drop rate of the mewtineer coins to 100% on first three bosses 2- ties in with #1, which they can also increase the drop quantity from 1 to 2 and maybe even 3 coins at random 3- add the drop chance of DGS to all 4 bosses and 4- reduce the required amount of mewtineer coins to purchase a DGS from vendor from 42 to 20-25. Nothing will probably be done but Just dropping
  10. The Dragon Bounty Chests gives 3x polished scale fragments, they are guaranteed. I hope that answers your question. The dungeons have already been outlined in the preview page, you can see which ones are needed for which days.
  11. They did give out some resets with Ascension orbs, so you wanna either reset Cold Storage (recommended) or Heaven's Mandate for that extra Lunar Coin. Additionally, continue to do Tower of Infinity daily as it also gives a Lunar Coin. If you've already exhausted both of these resources up to this point and have calculated ahead of time and found out you cannot reach your goal, then it's a tough loss. I don't know if you want to resort to buying the resets from F10, maybe it's optional to think about.
  12. I remember those Misty Woods days like it was yesterday. I hated it as well. Good news is that all that green crystals (soulstones) are now removed from that portion of the map. It is available in another faction map, however you do not need to do it these days. The best ways to farm those soulstones are through PVE content mainly daily challenge and weeklies. You don't need to be grieved by high level jerks anymore and can completely ignore faction content. As for the community, it's more or less the same. You will find some helpful players, as well as toxic ones. I recomme
  13. Premium has become less and less attractive, surely players will stop subbing overtime. Don't get me wrong, some of these perks are nice indeed, but they're very situational for the most part. I want to suggest another premium perk that will bring some relief to the gold problems that new/veteran players with many alts might find very impactful. That is to get rid of the mailing cost of items as a perk. Yes, I want it gone, I don't want to pay hundreds of gold to mail over valuable items from character to character over time. I don't want to have to spend gold to mail gold over either
  14. Oh sorry, I was under the impression that you were going to make a fresh SF from scratch. You shouldn't have any problem changing your SF's IGN to your BD's at all. The only thing that can possibly go wrong is someone miraculously stealing it at the same exact time your BD is deleted before you change. The other option is to use accent letters. Good luck.
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