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  1. Use once as in you can only use the individual ticket once, you can buy as many as you can afford to my knowledge.
  2. Don't think that justifies changing them without notice imo, at least let people know that they were being changed.
  3. It wasn't specified, but they did say that they made normal mode easier in silverfrost dungeons.
  4. I don't know, apparently we have to ask NCWest directly to get update information.
  5. So I guess now NCWest doesn't have a problem with knowingly omitting major changes from the patch notes.
  6. Like these are patch note worthy changes, but they aren't mentioned at all. Did they not know, or are they trying to pull a fast one?
  7. I've read on a few threads and heard from some friends that there are a few changes that were made without being mentioned in the patch notes, I could be wrong since I'm just going off what I've read and heard so far but if its true, I'd like to know why exactly no one was notified about them. These are changes I've heard of so far, SSP Capture time increased from 10 to 30 minutes Treasure Pouch drop rate severely nerfed in some dungeons A few outfit alterations IF these are true, why weren't they in the patch notes? Isn't this whole Sacred Oil debacle enough? Wasn't givi
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