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  1. Thanks a lot! It was a great help :) It just felt weird after the new patch and wanted to make sure I was on track. Thanks again!
  2. https://bns.mmo-fashion.com/infernal-bangle/ here's a URL to the photo of the weapon I'm talking about! ^~^
  3. Hey everyone 🙂 Idk who will actually see this but whoever does I need your help! So I'm returning player from about a 2 year break. I have a Force master that's level 31 and I made her way before the big weapon update. When I made her, it was back when we had to upgrade the Hong moon weapon etc. However, I saw that that was not a thing anymore and I'm currently using the inferno bangle (I think is what it's called). I'm in the Cinderlands right now and it's the weapon with the green horn-like appearance. Is that the weapon I should be using? If not, what weapon should I be using for a level 31
  4. I think either a fan/umbrella class? Or maybe a scythe wielder (i just think the scythe wielder will be like a mix between destroyer and assassin though.) BUT ANYWAY, those are my suggestions. Or maybe a class where it holds like a paint brush and does something with like symbols or something like in the class trailer where the lyn had a little paintbrush and everything XD
  5. Heyoo, so I've been playing a lot of gunslinger lately and I have really grew onto the class. I don't wanna consider it my main class yet seen as I also enjoy force master too. My fm is currently level 30, and my gunslinger is level 20. What do you guys think will be a better class to main and why? Thanks! <33
  6. Just a quick question on what you guys think I should alternate. I’ve narrowed it down between gunslinger (currently lvl 17), Blade master (lvl 9), or Blade Dancer (lvl 14.) What do u guys think? Thanks! <33
  7. So I made a bm because I wanted to try out the class. Right now, she's only level 9, but I was just wondering if there are any early game combos. (Could be around levels 12-14) I know it's really early for me to say but I was just wondering if there was a more efficient way of killing things because bm seems really slow to me rn XD Thanks! <33
  8. So I made my force master (my main) before the weapon patch and the leveling changes came out. I just met Sora (I think that's the gunslingers name) in the Cinderlands and I just turned level 30. Am I the right level, or should I be WAY ahead? Thanks! <33
  9. Heyo. So I was wondering what u guys think are better. Blade dancer or blade master. I never played blade master before and I have a very early level blade dancer so I thought I’d experiment. And if I do make a blade master, I’ll probably delete my sf to get an extra slot. What do you guys think? Thanks! <3
  10. So I made a force master (my main) before the weapon/jewlery patch. She is level 30 right now but I was just wondering if there was a way to exchange my weapon (blight bangle) and all the hongmoon jewlery into the equipment I’m supposed to have. Thanks! <33
  11. Heyo, so I've narrowed my alternate choices down to blade dancer and kung fu master. Still kinda having trouble deciding, I really enjoy both classes (both are about the same level) but I just don't know which one to choose. Also, another thing is, my blade dancer is currently level 14 (I know, it's pretty low) but I was just wondering if anyone knew any early game combos. Right now, I'm just spamming tab and left click, and if my enemy has enough help, right click and c and f. However, I just want a better/efficient way to kill enemies. Thanks <3
  12. What do people think about soul fighter? It's like I narrowed it down to blade dancer, summoner, warlock, and sf..
  13. Does anybody know if summoner or warlock is more fun? (Seen as people mainly chose summoner)
  14. Heyo, it's me again XD just wanted to see other opinions on what class I should play as an alternate. My force master is my main but I just want another class to play just in case. So, I have narrowed it down to blade dancer and summoner. Any opinions?
  15. Hello again XD i was just wondering how to transfer outfits between different characters. I know there are outfit delivery stamps, but I don't really know how to use them. Can anybody help?
  16. Sorry about all the spam on classes XD im so indecisive, but just made a kfm, but haven't gotten too far, only level 9. But I was kinda wondering if I should just save up for another slot and make a sf, or if I just consider deleting. Also, WL is another choice that I have been thinking of for a while, since I love their animations so much. ANYWAYYY, opinions?
  17. So I just deleted a slot from one of my characters ages ago XD and I'm juggling between the idea of getting a KFM, SUM, or SIN. Anyone have any suggestions?
  18. Hello! So recently Blade and Soul got a patch where you won't get the Hongmoon stage 1-10 weapon when you first enter bamboo village. With this, the game is a lot more harder and difficult to complete. I personally am not a big fan of this, who else agrees?
  19. Btw, it says the skill requirements are restrains enemy but idk what that means...
  20. So I'm looking through the martial tome and I was wondering how mystic fire works. It says it gets triggered when there's a successful attack in fire/frost mode. Can anyone clarify?
  21. I've been really trying to think if I should main my assassin or kfm. My assassin is like around level 22 but my kfm is only level 11. What should I do??
  22. Ok, well thanks to everyone! My warlock is only level 10 and my fm is level 24 so I guess I'll play my wl till she's the same level and then decide from there:)
  23. I'm trying to choose between my wl or my fm on which one I should main. (Sorry if the grammar is bad XD) I equally like both classes except it's hard for me to choose. Anyone have any advice?? (=^^=)
  24. Hold on, can people actually make their own presets and send them to NcSoft??
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