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  1. any posibility to make them reply faster for which I really need the account activited for raids and in game errands... thank you
  2. I did not know that... any possibility to get it unlocked? I already sent a message and haven't got a reply... and been always getting a reply after 3-4 days for which I really need my acxount for raids...
  3. I was asking support for an email change because of the 90 days system... and was locked due to mis understanding... now I can't even get a reply... this so frustrating when they already are bad and just locked you out and never reply for days... it's like WTF! and I am refering to game account...
  4. for lightning sin.. dynasty mystic badge is the right one if I'm not mistaken and arcana is BIS for now. however I was wondering with the new badge coming out. is there a better badge other than arcana?
  5. Same here and I live and CA..
  6. I never use any... I just log in regularly... and was getting log in fail for like 4 times with the right password... and got banned..
  7. @Liinxy can I please ask for help to progress my case... I can't even do events and wanted to play the game... especially with the event going... if it's possible. Thank you..
  8. Now 15hrs still no reply...
  9. Thanks and still no reply almost 5hrs now lol
  10. Ok DAD... you got the best comment in the world... thank you
  11. 3hrs gone by no reply from support yet... seriously....
  12. Thank you for the response... I will wait then...
  13. This is just crazy.. 24hrs to wait... is there any GM that can look to it or have it looked up to make the process faster...
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