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  1. Game Issues

    And you are right, but it does not cover all in game items. there a quite a few that cant be sent to other chars on the same account. For example I have 2 Pentagonal Diamonds that i cant sent to my other chars on the same account. I should be able to share that item at will with my other chars but i cant. there both bound to my warlock. Your gold guide is correct, I made 42 gold easily, but it took 3 and half hours.
  2. Game Issues

    Also BNS, my storage is filled with account bound items that i can never use for my other chars. You should create a account storage section so we can use these items on our other chars. I understand you want to make money on outfit vouchers and thats fine but items that we worked hard for in the game to obtain should not be bound to that single char. If i already beat the game with one char, why should i have to go through that same struggle with a new char. My main char should be able to send items to my new char freely to boost the progress of beating the game with the new char.
  3. Game Issues

    I am going to test this tomorrow morning and see how long and how much gold i acquire. Thanks for the information.
  4. Bad behavor of players

    just stay positive and remember the one reason your playing the game is to have fun. This is a great game and just block/unfriend the ruddies and have fun
  5. Game Issues

    Just to clarify even more, right after i made this post I finished the daily challenge, all quest. I had 120 gold starting and ended 126. Thats a 6 gold in one hour also including the one gold from the daily chest. I need you to teach me how to make 40 gold in two hours from quest alone
  6. Give more buff to Warlock

    100% AGGREE
  7. Game Issues

    I disagree with you about battle grounds, because it is unfair to new players. Even if they came in with full crit DEF on every soul shield they would still get blown up because of the major ap difference. I myself have 650 AP 100k health and crit def on everything and still get blown up to stronger players. I myself am not complaining because I love the game but I have friends that have quit playing due to PVP. Pvp is only fair to new players in 1v1 and Tag, pure skill based. Its extremely had to win in world wind valley if you are not equipped correctly but to get that equipment is ties back into being able to do the dungeons. Now I do agree with you about learning. You are 100% right. It is up to the player to learn and discover how to run the dungeons correctly and learn the mechs. The main point I was try to make was getting to that ap level where you can run the dungeons with groups who are willing to teach. In my experience I wasn’t lucky to find anyone in game willing to teach. I learned from trial and error, videos, and guides. Now I help others so they won’t struggle like I did. I extremely disagree with you about the gold. I am looking at the daily challenge right now and once I complete the daily challenge I will get 4.2 gold (all quest totaled). Where did you get this number 40 from? I have been playing the game from the begging and never made 40 gold in under 2 hours from just questing. I have only made that much from selling items on market in that time frame. That number could also be reached if the boss drops a rare item and the bid goes high. Other than that it’s impossible to acquire that much gold from questing alone in just 1 to 2 hours. Now it is possible to acquire that much in 5 to 6 hours from just questing but you would have to devote that time every day (No life). but you would have already had had to complete the story and unlocked daily challenge. If most people are like me than they have a career/job/school and work 40+ hours during the week and game on weekends. That’s why I am saying there a gold issue in the game because this time required is not worth the outcome. If I am devoting 6 hours (to repeatable questing) to a game my return should be greater than 40 gold. That’s just how I feel.
  8. Game Issues

    Dear Blade and Soul I have some issues with your game that I have a major love/hate relationship with. I have been playing this game since beta and been a premium player since the begging. I have been watching this game since 2005 when I saw the first video of game play. I hope you value my opinion. Pros: First of all, I love the game because of the story line and graphics. The battle system is awesome and exciting. I also love the costumes and events that are released. I also like how the content is evolving with the story line which most games don’t do. Also because I am a guy sexy costumes are a +. I always buy them as soon as they drop. Cons: 1. There is a major gap between premium and regular players. I made another account just to test this gap because I saw some people complaining about It in the game. I instantly stopped playing on that account after level 15. The major thing that made me stop was that at the early levels money doesn’t drop from kills. You can only get it from quest. That’s crazy and super unfair for new players. That just one of them major things I saw 2. PVP is cancer. Either you win by an extreme blow out or lose by an extreme blow out. There is no middle ground of skill to take place. I see people in game complaining all the time about pvp because people with 400 and 300 attack are fighting against people with 700+ attack. Again this will make new players feel like it’s not worth playing causing them to miss out on obtaining event items. Also people who hate pvp are forced to play pvp because the items from pvp are needed to progress in the game. This is common in most games but like I said before pvp in BNS is cancer. Their needs to be a balance to the world win and whale. 3. Higher level dungeons are hard and most people can’t run them until months possibly even a year later after starting the game (If you have a life). Most of the BNS community won’t run a dungeon with people if their attack is not around 600 to 700. I know this personally because I wanted to make a force master but gave up on it because of the amount of hours and money I would have to put into the char just to run higher level dungeons. I also still have not run desolate tomb because people abandon party every time I make it to finial boss because I don’t know how to fight it or I’ll make one mistake and people go crazy and leave. This is also true for others who are just trying to figure it out. Once the story line is completed most people will be around 350 to 410 attack. In order to get a team to run dungeons with you, you will need about 550 attack. That’s around the time when people will explain how it’s done because they can’t kick you from party once dungeon has started. But to get to 550 attack you would have to had already ran most of those dungeons for the items. So basically what I am saying is new players are !@#$ when I comes progressing 4. Money is a major issue in BNS. Gold is extremely hard to obtain. The most effective way I have found to make money in this game is by soloing dungeons for the chance of a good drop that I can sell on the market. The second way is crafting. But in order to do both of those things you have to have completed the story for crafting (or know where the unlocks are) and soloing dungeons, you have to be strong, about 600 attack to farm dungeons that drops items for a good return. But It will take hours just to get a good drop. BNS, you have to either step in and increase the amount of gold in circulation (this could be countered by prices rising in market), make items easier to obtain (mainly referring to weapon and accessories upgrades), or figure out a way to balance things across the board more. For example, just to turn my razor to legendary I need 2,200 gold if I were to purchase everything from market. The only way to obtain that much gold is to use a gold trader which will cost around 250$ us dollars. Some of the items can be farmed for but you have to compete with other players when the items drop from the boss. In order to do that you have to have money witch is extremely hard to get. There are more things I have issues with but those are my top 4. Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes. English is not my first language