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  1. Hello @Green Stormis there any update Soul boost ?? We like to hear update. Players all really need to know.
  2. Hello @Green StormI was trying to say, if Page 3 problem then why other Pages point not counting. I just informed another bug problem that Page 1 also no counting, that's it. But from GM reply email did not giving me right answer. GM told me that Page 3 bug fixed. well if bug fix then why we didn't get the soul boost level up. I know you guys trying to best. But We are also playing here lots of time. We like this game that's why still playing this game.
  3. yeh they told me as well this, its really not working.
  4. What the hack is going on. They e-mailed to me, that they already fixed the bug on Stage 3. I don't you guys look on some thing Sate 1 also not working. Check this screen shot they just told me. and also look my in-game screenshot. What should I do, leave this game ?????? or when you gonna fix it. That is why we need two server one for test and one for player.
  5. as we know the upcoming update Cold Storage and Havens Mandate bosses will be boosted up, and chance to Merchant of wonders, so my question is this only for upcoming event or it will be fixed??
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