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  1. Mushin Tower - 13th floor ticket

    No, what Dragon Portal ? can u mark me this on the map ? thank's also for help :)
  2. Mushin Tower - 13th floor ticket

    Hello, I have a problem with 13th floor ticket to Naksun. When i come close to the NPC Chungsil, and i have x4 ticket to 13th floor, the NPC don't let me enter to this floor ... Any solution ? Screens: 1: 2:
  3. With a great event NCSoft is doing millionaires game, why ? 2 days ago i just bought 500 trove keys, is somthink like 250 euro and i got just one Hongmoon Stone -_- So dear NCSoft, this game is just for millionaires players ? ... we need to pay 500-1000 euro to have 3 of Hongmoon stones or what ?!