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  1. A couple months ago we had this crafting event that was pretty nice, craft some boxes, get some reward, done. Would be a nice change of pace comparing to all those complete daily challenge events we have been getting.
  2. Pet pod or not, it still a dungeon you can only do once a day, so its not like you can just go and farm them non stop. White orb really has to go...
  3. For those of us unlucky enough to not complete the soul, at least give us the option to exchange a level 6 event soul for a normal lv 10 one, so we can at least keep the same bonus after event. Show that you care about your players.
  4. Please do those, for those of us who haven't gotten lucky but worked hard on it. Show you care about your players ncwest.
  5. Soul ending at 97% sums up this event for me, complete, unfair, bullshit.
  6. My soul ended with 97% on the mileage counter with no tries left to do (even with the free oils), just another bullshit event from a stupid company, where luck is rewarded and not hard work. At least give us the option to break down the oils we used on the stupid soul so we can spend them on event items...
  7. I don't know, make them 100% chance but increase base cost from 15 gold to 50 maybe? You need to give us a chance to catch up to content, you even said you wanted the moonstone price to go down on the last stream, but instead they keep going up... gold has been nerfed, it's harder then ever to gear up. Give us a chance please?
  8. 3 souls around 38% mileage, another at 27%, absolutely hating this RNG bs event. The quality of events has been seriously going down compared to what we had a couple months ago...
  9. You lose pretty much all of your credibility when you said you're fully VT geared. It's highly likely you upgraded most of your current gear before the recent change to jewel/element when they were easier/cheaper to get, wich explains exactly why you have tons of left over mats since you never really had to use them in the first place... Most of the people I play with empties their stash of SS after upgrading a single accesories, and after that the only option left is the market. Bethany/Jonathan completely lied to us when they said on stream that element/jewel are
  10. ...or the nearly 3k soulstone it takes to max a single accesory, I still can't beleive who at ncwest tought this would be a good idea
  11. @massiveEgo the soulstone I had on all 9 of my characters are barely enough to let me upgrade 1.5 accesory for a single character, and that's after a year of gameplay.
  12. This change is slowly killing the game for myself and many other people I play with. Maybe it's time to move on to a new game at this point...
  13. Fully agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, it's 5 element, not 3, wich makes the price even more stupid. I really don't understand how new players are going to keep up with the insane price. 25 soulstone per element, (current market price is 70silver) + 10g + transmuting cost, makes them ALOT more expensive then before. Did ncwest really said they brought this in to help us? How is doubling the cost helping us? They're obviously taking us for idiots, and just want to boost trove sales.
  14. Impressive. I too, have been saving for a long time and can't even get alts to raven at this point, simply because of the elements. It did not take very long to empty my stash of soulstone and sacred crystal, and I'm at a point where I can't even progress anymore unless I buy the mats off the market for a ridiculous price. At this point I'm 100% stuck because of elements/jewel, and nothing I can do about it. ... and yes you are right, bringing back the 20g option would solve the issue.
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