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  1. Do you hate EU players? Honestly..

    I will answer with a simple, not too elaborated sentence: get a life for your sake man, it's summer! go grab a girl and enjoy real life!
  2. Dude why would I not be able to play my alt if I have a 1030 main character and I played my alt up to hm10 or around that level? A stun is a stun, a daze a daze, a kd a kd...Are you trying to imply that people are stupid and you are the only intelligent? I will tell you what: I love at least 3 classes on this game and I am good with all of them, tough I could reach end game gear with just one, since it's impossible for me to upgrade my soul and pet on every of them, even tough I would love to play all three classes at the same level. Now...we are not asking to make my BT SS into another class; we are not asking to transfer upgraded accessory from an element to another, nor for the class specific weapon. We are only asking to transfer the most expensive items in the game to another character in the same account, otherwise US who support the game, might eventually get bored playing only one class and not being able to upgrade at the same level another one that we like. And guess what, there are people good and bad at the game; if you don't like playing with bad people find a good guild and run dungeons only with em. I still don't understand if all this comes from sense of jealousy or God knows what else.
  3. Alt Clans With No Rank To Farm BP

    We need a statement from game management here: 6Vs6 gvg is seriously broken like that
  4. Opening 200 Fleeting Soul Badge Chest

    you must be lucky: until now i made 7 sacred oil on 2 different characters meaning 700 lunar pearl and 0 permanent chest whatsoever
  5. @FrozenB this is a nice suggestion. I don't think that people who need this would have a problem with it
  6. dude you are being offensive and you probably don't even know what you are talking about. It's not bringing a character at 800, you obviously don't know what you are talking about! It's all that comes after: dropping all the weapons, draken accessories, items for upgrades, gathering all the gold which this involves, dropping the legendaries in BT, BIDDING them, bidding the raven soul and then yea ofc like 500 evolved stones a lot of demon spirit stones (which are superdifficult to drop) and elysian orbs, only to have an awakened soul, and all the rest I am not writing like pet ot I will write a wall of text...when already playing like 4 hours every night my main just to keep up a lil with latest content. NO THANK YOU! I'd rather quit the game than do that. You call me lazy when I work 10 hours a day! Then when I come back I have a family, but no matter what I still find the strenght and the time to play the game and you call me LAZY?! I really hope that devs read and understand what we player who have got a life and a little brain are asking.
  7. that's exactly the point ladies and gentlemen
  8. I totally agree on this! This really would revamp the game and make many players bored of their class enjoy the game again. It's so hard at this point of the game starting to farm all over again, that many players will prefer to quit and pass into newer games instead. Please bump this thread and pray for this to happen
  9. Feedback on Summer Splash on F10

    are they going to put on sale new swimsuit too this summer or just these old ones???
  10. Fleeting Badges

    I have continued doing everything which drops boxes every single day with 2 characters and yet I haven't found any permanent...then I hear about someone getting 5. I mean these events should be more rewarding for anyone committed to em and less luck driven
  11. Swipe my childs...Swipe like there was no tomorrow...
  12. Totally agree with OP and as a matter of fact I think I was in the same lobby with him/her... I have Awakened soul atm...Black Tower doesn't bring anymore income, evolved stones are impossible to farm, gold is totally worthless nowdays and cash shop prices are outrageous. Now don't tell us lie, because the only friends of mine who are keeping the pace with new content upgrades are the ones who cash hard. Somebody answered that all the korean games are farm to death or pay for end game stuff. I would answer: DO I LOOK LIKE A Fxxxxing KOREAN? This company is called NCWest, and in mine and in many other people opinion, it is is going in a totally wrong direction which will lead the game to die soon.
  13. Fleeting Badges

    This total randomness fuxxxx pixxxx me off...I have done every single daily and weekly which drop the chests since event started and haven't gotten 1 goddam permanent badge...Yea it's rng bla bla bla. At this point I would be satisfied even if I dropped an useless one...still that would mean I am not wasting hours of my time to get nothing outta this horrible event
  14. Challenger Piece 7

    I have exactly the same issue, but with the 8th piece: over 80 run over floor 40 and 0 piece 8. I totally agree that either the droprate must be increased or it has to have an alternative way with tokens or such.
  15. Compensation?

    As always in these forums, you don't really know what you are talking about, I got only 4 crits on 200 keys, worst rng ever, but that's not the point: for the law I am entitled to full compensation ot total rollback giving back what I got, but since I am a reasonable person and I understand that would be a major problem to do I ask for a partial compensation. Please guys stop trolling on forums and speak like a mature person would do, it's not funny and you won't get any glory from it