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  1. Thanks very much for the effort! I reached lvl 39 now and... it plays way better than with the WL. Not a single enemy which made me struggle so far and the rotation... idk it fits much better to me. Not sure how it turns out arround lvl 50, but i am quite convinced that i will stick with it.
  2. I played a WL to lvl 45 (helix/volley) the past few days and figured out that it's not too enjoyable for me. So i thought i will give the FM a chance to convince me. As soon as i got my first points to spend, i fell in love with this ice rain skill... idk, i just love the idea of playing an ice mage. I then did some research about frost/ice skills and builds but it seems none really likes them... ok, maybe there are 5% who do. Now i wonder, are frost builds really that bad or is it just more fun for the majority to grab and play a max dps burn build? I do understand how import
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