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  1. anyone got their gold from received items after mainte? the extra 5g per radiant energies exchanged from last week.
  2. IGN: Síegrain Class: Force Master AP: 1105 Server: Yura Currently looking for a clan that do end game content. https://bnstree.com/character/na/Síegrain
  3. will they be ever access the FM for Jin Races D: I want a male Jin for my FM xD. just a random thoughts.
  4. can someone link what does these skins looks like ty in advance.
  5. Questionnnnnnnnn: How many rolls did you do to get an ultimate pet? I did 20 rolls and its keep going around to gutsy, loyal and furious </3 how lovely is that, I need an explanation.
  6. anyone know how to fix this bug chat on my client? region chat/faction chat/ party chat/ guild chat doesnt work except whisper and current chat that works only. I tried to relog so many times and even re-runs my client, it didnt fix anything, tried the file repair, still the same.
  7. before xigncode we have gameguard which our all fps is stable.
  8. anyone having a client has stopped working?
  9. i have the same problem on my alt, can't enter on floor 1-7 as well, there are no more quest letter hidden through the J quest nor at mushin tower to access it, this needs to be fixed.
  10. IGN: Síegrain Server: Poharan Looking for Black Tower Raid Available every weekends, available every morning depends on the schedule (GMT+10 Brisbane Australia)
  11. fix your damn server, getting dcied over and over again while in dungeons, can't do my dailies routine properly.
  12. dont just tell us its our connection problem, most of your players are having a massive lags, on 6vs6 and i can't do shit, just standing there dying. Its been 2days already yesterday has the same problem as today around this time.
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